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Saturday, March 05, 2005

A quick 348 to win, and sipping beer by 5pm 

We knew it was going to happen sooner or later ... Australia getting close to 350 batting first. If any more proof was required that New Zealand is a one-man team, a look at the bowling figures might be of some assistance:

Mills 10 1 67 1 (1w)
Hamilton 10 0 76 1 (1nb)
Canning 10 0 80 1
Vettori 10 0 37 0 (1w)
McMillan 7 0 63 1
Cumming 3 0 17 0

Could be worse, I guess, we could be Zimbabwe.

I can accept us losing from here, but for god's sake let's put up a bit of a fight. Captain Fantastic, I'm looking at you and the chocolate teapot to remind us exactly why you're in the team. Perhaps a quickfire 91 off 61 deliveries from Fleming, followed by 141* off 127 from McMillan.

Hey Fleming: time to put Vettori in at #3. Or just have your resignation letter on my desk by 9am Monday.

A comment from Cricinfo on the South Africa vs. Zimbabwe test:

Kallis's fifth six brought up his fifty in 24 balls – the fastest-known in Test history – before he became Cremer's third wicket, again courtesy of a top-edge attempting an even bigger hit. Cremer ended the day with the remarkable figures of 9-0-86-3.

Kallis departed into the lengthening shadows. The integrity of Test cricket had disappeared some time before that.
those figures would have looked quite reasonable if they'd been by one of our bowlers in the last couple of weeks.

I think the Aussie team has destroyed the integrity of one day cricket as well when they murder the next best team by even more than Zimbabwe are going down.

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