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Thursday, March 24, 2005

NRL Round 3 

This week's battles:

1) Roosters versus Broncos
Jessup's backed the Roosters, I've backed the Broncos

2) Panthers versus Dragons
Both gone Panthers. At $1.35 the panthers are worth betting your house on.

3) Eels versus Sharks
Both gone Sharks and so too have the Aussie punters:

Glenn Munsie from TAB Sportsbet said two NRL matches had attracted most interest from his punters. "By far the biggest betting game so far has been the Sharks-Parramatta match-up," he said. "Parramatta are favourites to win but all the money had been for the Sharks. With 4.5 points start, the big bets on the Sharks include $10,500 at $1.85, $6500 at $1.85, two bets of $3500 at the same price and then two more bets of $3000 at the $1.85."

The same start at NZ's TAB is paying $1.80.

4) Warriors versus Cowboys
Both gone Warriors -

5) Sea Eagles versus Storm
Both gone Storm but while Jessup's picked 13+ I reckon it'll go down to the wire and wouldn't be betting any money on the game. With Hoppa gone perhaps the Eagles will get even better.

6) Bulldogs versus Tigers
Both Bulldogs although apparently the punters are taking the Tigers.

7) Rabbits versus Raiders
Again this is going to be close. Jessup's taken the raiders 13+ and although I took the Rabbits in my NRL picks the money the Raiders are paying looks great. I'm going to take the Raiders too.

I cleaned up Jessup's sorry ass last week picking up five matches to his three.

After round 2: Bennyasena 10 Jessup 8.

In other news it must be tempting for one of the Sunday papers to out this dick. A lot of people are going to be shocked if he does get named.

I'm getting hammered with 7 correct picks from 14 games I think so better have a good weekend...
Roosters versus Broncos
Panthers versus Dragons
Eels versus Sharks
Warriors versus Cowboys
Sea Eagles versus Storm
Bulldogs versus Tigers
Rabbits versus Raiders

I can't see the rabbits winning two weeks in a row.

Very interesting clashes though right the way through. Same can't be said for the Super crap which I must say acts as a 'good' curtainraiser for the NRL games all weekend all season.
Jesus Christ!!

If the Rabbits beat the Raiders I'll have picked 2 from 7 AGAIN!

I reckon I'll do better if I just flip a coin. Should average 50% shouldn't I?

Seriously though, who would have picked the Tigers to beat the Bulldogs away from home?

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