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Thursday, March 10, 2005

A National Disgrace 

News that cricketer Daryl Tuffey had consensual sex with a woman in Christchurch last November has sent shockwaves through the New Zealand sporting community and the public is now rightfully demanding an end to his representative career.

New Zealand cricketer Daryl Tuffey's career appears to be on a knife-edge after two British tourists allegedly filmed him having sex with a Christchurch woman.

One avid sports follower bloggingitreal spoke to broke down in tears after hearing the heinous allegations laid against Tuffey, and called for the New Zealand Cricket disciplinary board to ban him for life.

"Sex is not a natural act, for our international cricketers to be engaging in this sort of leud behaviour is just simply not acceptable," the sporting fan said.

"What sort of a message does is it send to all the young boys playing cricket over the summer in their backyards - that they too can have sex with women when they get older?"

"New Zealand Cricket needs to act now and send a strong message to the community that this sort of behaviour is not acceptable - on or off the field."

In news just to hand - Darly Tuffey has given an exclusive interview to bloggingitreal and has apologised unreservedly to the nation for having had sex sixth months ago.

"I've let myself down, I've let you down, and I've let the whole of New Zealand down."

"Most of all I wish to apologise to my parents. My mum and dad brought me up knowing that sex, under any circumstances, is wrong and sinful - especially sex acts involving milkshakes."

"I'm sorry mom, dad I've brought the game into disrepute but worse I've let you down I know you would never have stooped to this sort of filthy behaviour," Tuffey cried.

"As a second-rate strike bowler I know that the public is entitled to own, comment on and judge me on my private life and what I do off the field. I've failed an off-field role-model."

Although Mark Todd was unavailable for comment a spokesman for Google said there had been unprecedented 'Daryl Tuffey' hits in the past several days and suggested perhaps NZC could use the incident as a cheap publicity stunt and putting him back in the national team could spur ticket sales - "hey they did it with Jeff Wilson," he said.

"If this sex video got online it could be of Paris Hilton magnitude, imagine how many Tuffey shirts NZ Cricket could sell," he said.

Tuffey verdict:
Fined a thousand bucks for a 20sec sex act recording. He destroyed tape in January no further copies are in existence.

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