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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Marshall ya Champion!!! 

So far so good in the first test.

Hamish Marshall showing how a good technique will get you a good average so I hope lot's of kids are taking note. He's not much bigger than them either. He's now up over the 200 run average mark in tests. Not sure if he's twice as good as Bradman just yet though.

Also fantastic stuff from Cumming on debut on a pitch that was offering some early life and the worlds best don't normally need too much extra help.

It looked as though Vincent was sawn off on the one normal speed replay I saw but probably needs more analysis from moi to confirm suspicions. Fleming led from the front pffft. Is that just a way of saying that he will be first out in the middle and first back in the pavilion?

And Astle is looking reasonably confident at the crease.

One thing to remember though is that this pitch is playing very, very flat so is we don't make runs in this innings then we won't make big runs at all in the series. Thank god Ponting decided to put us in. I'm quite amazed that he chose to do that. I know there was a bit of green on it and jiuce in it but you'd think they had the lineup that would make 300+ in their first innings on a bad day.

Nevermind, cheers mate.

One thing we might be regretting now is going in without Wiseman. We will be bowling last and I'm pretty sure Fleming was going to bowl first which is why they left him out. He didn't answer Peter Sharpe's question of what he would have done if he'd won the toss which basically say's we didn't want to do what they are making us to do.

That actually get's me on to something I've wanted to say for a long time.

The toss has a very important part to play in cricket, a million times more than any other sport. There must have been countless tests and test series won and lost on the toss of a coin and the same goes for results right throughout the game.

This has led to to suggest two changes that could be made.

Firstly the toss should be eliminated accept for teams playing each other for the first time. Instead of a toss the team which didn't get to choose what they would do last time get's to choose this time. So an alternating choice type arrangement. For example Australia chose for this test so for the second test NZ can pick whether they bat or bowl first. It means that one team can't win all three tosses and get an unfair advantage over the other side.

Now that is fraught with danger because thena team will know months in advance what games they will get to choose in so they can go to the groundsman and tell him what kind of pitch to prepare and then when the time get's nearer they can confirm what they will do and the pitch will be tailormade for them. But fuck, home teams do that anyway.

The second change I would make, and this one is a lot easier to make and fairer is that the 12th man should be named AFTER the toss has been made. It seems ridiculous that a teams selection can be thrown in jeopardy because of what way the coin falls. For example, NZ loses the toss, get's put in and then they could select Wiseman and leave out O'Brian.

I don't see what the problem with that would be. The Aussies have got the team they wanted for bowling first so why can't NZ get the team they may want for bowling last?

And I'm not really interested in arguments about tradition. It's a minor thing that will make the game fairer and there are plenty of technological changes made all the time so why not one to help level the playing field at the toss just a little bit?



I'm going to be sitting somewhere in the new stand. My contact has scored tickets and we can have a few drinks and get a feed before strolling out and watching the game. Shame they aren't free like they used to be.


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