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Friday, March 04, 2005

Broken record 

Right. More domestic cr*p. I know it's about all I've been writing about for the last few months so I promise that we are very close to the end of it and I can soon concentrate my efforts fully on the soap opera that will unfold out at Ericsson Stadium during the year.

After waiting 9 days to get jetstream 'connected' I found it didn't work so they put us on a dial up connection and said wait for a mere 13 days and we will send a technician out. The technician comes out and then spends two hours trying to get it connected and then decides that we are 5 km's outside the area which can receive it.

Now quite how that wasn't all worked out when I originally called and asked if we could get it and how he took two hours to work it out is beyond me. What's even more pathetic is that the guy lost our dial up connection and then said to my wife to tell me that he's real sorry and then he departed. I wasn't home at the time of course. Lucky for them I took a whole 30 seconds to get the dial up connection working by simply plugging the fucking phone cable directly into the computer rather than running it through a redundant modem like he was trying to do. And they pay these people?

All my expriences of call centre disasters etc recently have made me conclude that our unemployment rate is far too low and that I can name several more people who should be on it.

Of course then there's the lounge suite I bought about 6 weeks ago. We got a call yesterday to say that it'll be delivered today. Then I call them to confirm a time and the lady say's no they won't be coming in until the 10th (6 days later). So then I checked my phone messages and find it had shown up at another store and was ready to get sent out. I then call up the first lady and inform her of sh*t that she should really be telling me. She was telling people that this shipment from Aussie wasn't due in until next week when in fact they had already bloody arrived.

Right, f*** that sh*t. On to sport.

I'm really looking forward to the Warriors season kicking off. There's a sense of anticipation and expectation around I think amongst leagueies. Probably much more so than in past years. Every year the supporters of any team hope like hell that their team comes flying out of the blocks and creams everybody on the way to the title. Unfortunately for most it's often a year full of swear words, sackings and mediocre performances.

With the Warriors though people simply won't accept shitty on field performances this year. At the very least folks are expecting them to make the playoffs (which is me) and plenty have bizarre dreams of glorious days come grand final time. Personally I can't see them getting that far as it's still much the same team as last year and if the new signings get injured or don't provide the huge inspiration needed then what's to say they won't stumble their way to 12th spot?

My pick at this stage would be for them to finish 7th and win their first playoff game v a high ranked team and then crash out after that. Which'll do me fine so long as they are stronger the year after. I really can't see a team going from dead last to champions one year later. Does that kind of shit happen anywhere ever? Feel free to post any examples below in the comments. In professional sport that is.

Now, that's it for me. I've got to get my arse over to my parents to watch the Blues beat the Reds and then the Brumbies dispatch the Bulls.

Oh and did you know that the Simpsons is drawn entirely in Seoul, Korea and has been for the past 15 or so years?


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