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Friday, March 11, 2005

Bennyasena vs Jessup Rnd 1 

Alrighty then, Peter Jessup's made the following picks for Rnd 1:

Bulldogs vs Dragons: Dogs by 12 and over (typo its 13 and over or 12 and under) so I'll say he reckons 1-12
Tigers vs Eels: Eels 1-12
Roosters vs Rabbits: Roosters 13 plus
Sharks vs Panthers: Panthers 13 plus
Warriors vs Sea Eagles: Warriors 13 plus
Storm vs Knights: Storm 13 plus
Broncos versus Cowboys: Broncos 1-12

Rightio then here's mine

Bulldogs 13+
Eels 13+
Roosters 1-12
Panthers 13+
Warriors 1-12
Storm 13+
Broncos 13+

Punt of the week: Panthers to beat Sharks at Shark Park at $1.60.

See you at the game Yamis and enjoy your feed ya corporate whore!

Here's Jessup's picks for the season.

Hopefully my folks pick up the bill.

Here's my picks...
Bulldogs by -12
Eels by -12
Roosters by -12
Panthers by -12
Warriors 13 plus
Storm 13 plus
Broncos -12

I'm trying to think back to past years and if there have been many blowouts first up. From my research the high scores tend to come later but there are bound to be teams that hit the ground running and sides that quickly realise their pre season wasn't tough enough and their squad aren't that flash compared to other teams.

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