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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

That's My Team 

Twenty four days until the official kick-off of the NRL.

In the latest league news former Kiwi Jarrod McCracken is suing Melbourne Storm and two of its players - Steve Kearney and Marcus Bai - for $750,000 saying the spear-tackle they put in on him finished his career.

McCracken was playing for Wests Tigers on May 12, 2000 when his spine and neck were injured - he says the tackle was intentional and done with the intent to cause injury.

That trial is underway in New South Wales.

In other news the Warriors beat the Eels 20-10 in their pre-season trial in New Plymouth in the weekend however as the Eels coach said "8 or 9 of our guys" had never played at this level.

It's a shame you have to go to SMH to get a decent report on the match though.

I guess the Warriors' ex-PR man going around fighting photographers and journalists from the country's primary newspaper last season did not facilitate comprehensive league coverage.

Still this might improve now that ex-journo Richard Becht has sold out and is doing 'communications' - read: spinning news, minimising fallout, blatant lying - for the lads.

They're having a public open day this Saturday at Ericcson from 10.30 till 2pm, I might head in and put some hits in on Betham and Wiki and see if they're up to the job.

Centrebet in Australia is offering an array of odds on the league - winner, wooden spoon, top eight - New Zealand's TAB say they can't offer any odds except on the winner until they know the full team lists.


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