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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Redneck opens mouth: Gets Comprehensive Coverage 

If I see or hear another fucking news item about this Remuera tosser complaining about hearing a bilingual message at the supermarket i'm going to start posting anthrax.

Jesus Christ I've read it on the Herald and Stuff and i've heard it on national radio and on the FM news bulletins.... who gives a fuck if this Alan Walker wanker has changed the supermarket he shops at?

"It was like, 'We are going to help you learn Maori'. But I don't want this sort of thing forced on me," he said.
"I'll decide whether I want to learn a language – whether it's Maori or Chinese or any other.
"It is offensive, in my opinion, to blast shoppers with this whilst one concentrates on getting household provisions." Mr Walker, who now shops elsewhere, said free "Give it a Go" Maori phrase booklets were available in the store.

I bet Alan and his corageous stand against subversive Maori education will be the toast of the Remuera elite for months.

How about complaining about the damn-awful Christmas cd's these supermarket chains play on repeat in the three months leading up to the big day.

Hey Alan eat shit and die, or as the Maori say: E kai nga tutae me e mate


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