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Thursday, February 24, 2005

RB... Tirau Pylons 

Been busy as hell by the looks of Thursday's effort. I'm sure everybody who comes here checks him out anyway but worth pointing to him always anyway...

And I'm stealing this from Polar Bob courtesy of the great nz discussion board which could do with a few more members. Though in saying that I must say that we have a fine collection of brains capable of taking over the world. Well, perhaps a pie cart... so long as we were armed by the US military.

It's regarding the Pylon through Tirau debate...

Here's me:
Why is this massive pylon through Tirau? debate being 'blamed' on Auckland quite frequently.

I notice the locals themselves aren't so much doing it. They are more concerned with their property values (which they should be compensated for though I don't know if it'll be adequate) and also their health which is by far the greatest issue.

Why doesn't somebody swing round though and question who paid for all those local roads running around the area? Like most lowly populated areas it sure as sh*t wasn't the locals who funded them (not much of them anyway).

I'd also like to know which decent sized cities in the world manage to just pull electricity out of their arse without some kind of disruption to the environment (or farmers) somewhere well outside their city limits?

It's time the media and some people in this country grew up and shoved their divisive sh*t down the bog.
And here is the vastly superior Polar Bob:
Yep to the above.

Me. I'm into encouraging alternative energy use.

Most people aren't ready for all of that of course, even though they could be if pushed, and my left of centre methods are being mulled over in my head. The only way of implementing them currently are somewhat dictatorial.

But it does seem that whenever the normal method of supply needs to be amped up people object (and the media beat it up) and spout the NIMBY mantra.

What say Transpower issues a public statement like this:
"After long deliberation we at Transpower have reached the conclusion that you, the public, are right. There will be no Pylons in Tirau, or anywhere else from now on."

Yay! Media frenzy. Reporters creaming themselves - live. Much rejoycing.

"However, as a result we need to employ a different plan. Effective immediately, there is to be a 50% increase in our charges. This money will be used to offset the cost of purchasing and installing alternative power systems, such as solar hot water, to NZ homes. The roll out will be random for the most part, so as to be fair, but the highly populated areas will get priority. Rolling blackouts are to be expected while the installations take place to provide a safe environment for our teams These outages will unfortunately include businesses, who will be delivered reduced power services to force making their own plans for energy provision."

Gasp! Media frenzy. Reporters shitting themselves - live. Much wailing.

"As we will be making less profit, we also will be limiting our, now restructured, customer services division to an automated service available from 9 to 5. Message banks will be ready and, if critical, your call will be returned. We will be employing the NZ Army and training them to meet our requirements. They will all carry weapons."

"Thank you to the people of Tirau, you have given us the impetus to give this necessary change momentum."

I wonder how long it would take to get the pylons up then?


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