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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Just when I was going to blog... 

...Dunedin was cut off from the world for about 4 hours. No internet, and no Telecom mobile coverage for tossers with mobiles either. And I had some interesting reflections on New Zealand society to share and all. Hmm, maybe later.

In the interim, however, BIR is pleased to bring you a lifetime achievement award for Robert Milton, Chairman and former CEO of Air Canada, in the category of "being a total tosser".

Here's what Bobert has to say about Chairman Milton:

This guy can be held personally responsible for the demise of Air Travel world wide. Under Milton’s command Air Canada has led the industry in transferring user costs directly to the passenger. Everything from ramp taxes to NAVCAN surcharges are taxed directly upon the passenger. These used to be costs absorbed by the company. And now, air travelers are taxed higher than smokers. He has also managed to destroy frequent flyer programs, so that free travel is so out of reach you are far better to cash in your points on 6 packs of Pepsi and semi-salted popcorn. Let’s also not forget that this guy took over a company debt free, and has managed to slam it into the ground – laying off thousands and suffering through bankruptcy protection. He also dreamed up the Star Alliance Network – a useless global network that has limited service in South America, Africa and the Middle East. The majority of its participants have, like Air Canada, been in bankruptcy protection as well. So, while he cuts himself million dollar raises for being a smart guy, and then lays off thousands of employees, Robert Milton truly stands out as a tosser of our times. Be sure to keep those 1st class lounges stocked full of poor wine and cheap beer, while finding new ways to charge the common joe traveler with new user fees and even more uncomfortable seating.


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