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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Yes, tis' I.

Been flat out for the last 5 weeks getting rid of annoying tenants, and painting everything that seemed to be stationary in the house. My most recent feat has been to rip everything out of the bathroom and now I have to clean out the gib, re-gib it, buy and install and bath and sink unit, geta plumber in to put in the new taps, then paint it, and tile it. Should only take 3 weeks to 3 years.

Dial up was finally hooked up to the house today after the fucking modem xtra gave me didn't work and it's 2 weeks till they can send a technician out. Great when it already took them 9 days before they turned the damn thing on so I could find out it didn't work anyway.

They could also do with a few more staff answering the phgones as well since it took me about 10 calls over as many days to change a couple of simple details because they put you on hold for 10 + minutes at a time.

Today's misfield of the day was by Mercury Energy. Some guy from Contact came round this morning and said that they are still reading the metre but Mercury should be doing it so get them to contact him as soon as possible. I call Mercury and the loday stuffs me round for a while, goes to talk to somebody else, then starts talking about my case to somebody else but doesn't realise she's delivery it all to me down the phone as well and then cuts me off.

Cheers luv.

Aside from that it's been just dandy. Well apart from the couch which was supposed to take 3-4 weeks but has now taken 4 and a half weeks and after calling I find it will take 2-3 more weeks.

Nothing like sitting on the floor for 50 days to get in in the mood for beating up that tosser from Remuera.

For the record nobody ever asked me if I wanted to learn English either but low and behold I get bombarded by it from every direction from the moment I'm born and look at me now speaking it fluently! It's a bloody disgrace I tell you!!!

My dialup's through - they're yet to fuck me around.

We're having trouble with Sky at the moment though - Arna caved when a rep came to the door and signed us up, specifying that she'd be home after 4 for the installation. This was relayed to the install guys as "make them your last call of the day", so they showed up at 3. And then we went away for the weekend. And then Arna's car got stolen, so she can't get home until later now anyway. Damn it -- I want my cartoons, wrestling and softcore pornography!
where was her car parked?

outside your flat?

I almost wish somebody would steal my car as it's a rank piece of shit. But then I'd just have to go and buy another one after they found it burnt out in the waitakere's.
Yep, swiped from off the street outside our flat. It's been broken into once before as well. I can only assume that because it's the oldest, cheapest-looking one on the street, it's the biggest target.

And it turns out that Sky doesn't do installations later than 3. It would have been nice if Arna had been told that the last two times she asked them to come at 4. So they'll have to come on the weekend. And they're booked up 'til mid-March. Eleven letters, rhymes with "blocktuckers".

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