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Friday, December 31, 2004

Snap Shot of Korean Life 

Time for some lunacy before the New Year arrives...

Mailboy Slayed By Delusional Diablo Addict

The mail delivery boy at the Pixel Pirate Stingray (venture electronics firm) head office has suffered severe head and chest injuries after he was beaten with the office vacuum cleaner pipe late friday morning. Early reports from the scene name the culprit as Bang Ka-pow, an electrical systems designer for the company.

Work colleagues claim that Bang had been seen earlier in the morning searching the building for weapons and gold, and mumbling something about the demons that work here and how he needs to get to the next level. "We just assumed he was aggresively looking for a promotion" says a co-worker who wishes to remain anonymous (Song Ah-sol). Bang is known to be an avid fan and player of the popular computer game Diablo in his sparetime, all of his sparetime in fact.

Witnesses say he had been sighted in Goosefinger pcroom several times throughout the previous weekend and everynight during the week and he appeared agitated, moaning and cursing at the computer.

As the delivery boy was struck down with several sweeping blows to the torso Bang was heard to scream "new high score... now, where can I trade this Samurai Sword for some decent body armour?".

Bang has been taken into custody by the local police, although the investigations appear to be going slowly after arresting officers were overheard asking Bang something about how he killed the cave troll in the fields of the dead on level 6.... or something or other.

Dickens Longshafter or Yamis


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