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Friday, December 03, 2004

Lost the Will to Blog 

I'm pressing the mouse to my forehead while I type with my left hand and I'm about to click the trigger...

I had a few things I was going to mention last night but was having problems so I was left itching my testies wondering what to do. And now that it's working again I can't remember what I was going to write about.

I know I was going to write something about how the Rabbitohs might be moving to North Sydney Oval next season. They look like they are very close to signing an agreement and have been given the green light by their fans. They want to get Redfern (their original ground) renovated but it's a dump and the council won't put any money into. Why doesn't Russell Crowe just buy them (he's a big fan)? I'd like to see him play for the Rabbitohs and Sonny Bill Williams line him up a good one.

What I want to know is though. How can South Sydney play in North Sydney? Wouldn't that be like the pope praying in a mosque?

About a week ago I saw the local government valuation on my house (bought in January) was 70,000 more than it was 3 years ago. Not bad considering it was only worth 140,000 3 years ago. Only problem with seeing your 'investment' (actually it's not an investment it's about all I could afford as a place to live) go up in value like that is that everybody else's has as well, so unless I want to go and live in Hamilton any money I might ever make is pretty well useless. Although they reckon they're gettin a nice wee indoor sports stadium down there in Hamiltonia. I don't mid Hamilton actually but my cousin who lived there for a couple of years reckoned there wasn't much to do. He probably just got frustrated because he couldn't bone any of the locals.

And that'll do me.

Having dinner with some of the supporters from the local professional soccer team I used to support tomorrow night. The team was relocated to Seoul this year which didn't go down too well and these guys have been working their guts out trying to get the local council to put some cash up for a new pro team for the city. On a funny note though, last night saw the return league of the Asian Champions League final between Al Ittihad from Saudi Arabia and Seongnam not far from where I live in Korea. Seongnam took a 3-1 lead into their home match and proceeded to lose 5-0 in front of a sell out home crowd!!! The funny part is though that they are owned by that nut job that does the mass weddings. You know, "the Moonies". He's an evil fucker only interested in brainwashing and money. Kind of like us teachers. Haha.

Anyway, tomorrow (today probably by the time you read this) we are eating sam gyeop sal and drinking lots of maekju.

So see ya when I see ya and allow me just to push people to the discusion board once more. Fourteen registered folk already and even some posting to go with it!


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