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Monday, December 06, 2004

Aussie Beaten by Plastic 

New Zealand Legomen defeat Australian Cricket Team

Piss off surfer bum.

Disclaimer: I like surfers.

And suck on this ya dirty heckling mongrels!!! That's it, gape in awe you convict spawn!!!

On another note, apparently we were mentioned in a blog roundup in the Dominion Post. Anybody know what the hell was said?

Also after Vettori's bowling effort yesterday he gets to stay firmly in the Legend of Late role.

And more props for the discussion board. Needs more registered members and more people using it. I can do like 15 posts a day, like... y'know, but even I have my limits.

Yup, there was a list of Top 10 kiwi blogs covering the likes of Russel Brown, David Farrar etc, as well as No Right Turn, Rodney Hide (!!), and there in spot 9 (I think) was Blogging it Real; good for its "mainly sports coverage" with a "wide range of contributers".

(I did chuckle a little at the last bit....)
Just been to the discussion board; I see there's a familiar name there....

Will GRAEME_T be joining him?

Mainly sports is purely and simply down to me posting twice as much as everybody else put together. The rest of em don't cover sport much at all.

The individual you noticed has already had one bizarre tripe post deleted. The intelligent input that those guys are all good for is welcome. But there shall be no name calling and wankery whatsoever if any felt the need to sign up and do the same routine. That's what NZ's 'premier' sports forum is for at pandasport muhahahahaha.
Hey, I post sports stuff. Look above you.

Is it my fault that I have all the motivation of a Korean studying English in Korea?

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