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Friday, December 03, 2004

Anger Rising 

Perhaps if it didn't take google just .07 of a second to come up with 13,200 hits after entering catholic church paedophile into its search engine I might take their call for morality a little more seriously.

Bennyasena results in two hits.

Whether it be New Zealand, Australia - pick a point on the globe the pictures the same - there are legacies of abuse and legacies of this church doing its utmost to conceal it and relocate offenders.

One positive to emerge around the bill was the rational, intelligent and encouraging position taken by New Zealand's only Muslim MP, who says that although he doesn't endorse homosexuality:

"I do endorse equality and justice for everyone, and for me that takes precedence over my religious beliefs."

"New Zealand is a secular state and I respect that."

Thank fuck someone does.

Is it ironic that Don Brash is calling for a referendum on the civil unions bill because of morality at stake regarding the "institution of marriage"?

"I did have an affair, that's absolutely correct, and I acknowledge that. It's not something I'm proud of." Brash, March 2004.
So was it just the one affair you've had then Don?
On a lighter note I've been following the trial of alleged terrorist Jihad Jack in Australia and was wondering if the police there had considered whether there was a relationship with this guy?


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