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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Will the bullet cold rock ya? 

My uncharacteristic silence of late was brought about by a hectic couple of weeks at work, culminating in a trip to Brisbane. More about that city later, in the finest tradition of Bluebeardnz's travel writing following his adventures around metropolitan Europe. I always wondered if his mysterious "female travelling companion" was code for "Korean call girl." Also, I was looking forward to Yamis' account of how he foiled the would-be pick-pockets in France, so let's hear it!

But my report on Brisbane will have to wait, as today is "some adult americans get to vote for some guy to claim to rule the world, and some of their votes might get counted day". Well, I'm not quite that cynical, but we'll see. There's still the problems with the electronic voting being so open to fraud, and some Republican's basic hatred for democracy if it involves people voting for someone other than a Republican. And no matter what Al Gore said in 2000 about "look, your brother is not the final authority on this", there's still the small issue of Dubya's brother effectively counting the votes in Florida. While the smart money might be on Bush (and not a certain Irish horse I backed to win the Melbourne Cup yesterday), RB at Hard News points out there is reason for hope, in the sense of high voter turnout and lots of newly registered voters, etc.

I plan to be fully wired this afternoon, and to blog pretty frequently as events unfold, so feel free to join us (and by saying us I hope to include Yamis, Bennyasena, and Bluebeardnz). Lates.


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