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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

White Cross II 

To further my argument that Transit NZ's case against white crosses on the motorway is complete shit I've been doing some investigative reporting.

Actually, I just drove down the North-Western motorway and counted how many billboards were within 1km of the two crosses laid for Storm Apere-Seve and her father.

Not quite a Yamis-sized break down of statistics but nonetheless good enough to illustarate a point. (What is bloggingitreals' mileage policy?)

And it was still more than the Herald's or TV3's reporters could manage.

Attempted wit aside, there were seven in total, all of which were directly facing the motorway.

The only other consumer traffic they could be possibly directed at would be the seldom-used cycleway connecting Pt Chev and mighty Te Atatu.

The Tui billboard was most prominent but there were speedway, pizza, carpet, steel, mattress and sealant billboards too.

The Cathay Pacific billboard mentioned in my first post has been removed.

Then again maybe there's a more sinister reason behind Transit NZ not targeting genuine distractions to motorists:

The environment exceeding on the level of our unconciousness
For example
What does the billboard say
Come and play, come and play
Forget about the movement"

Rage Against the Machine's lyrics are particularly topical considering these billboards are all in the Rosebank Rd 'dirty dirt' zone.

Any post with rage against the machine lyrics is a sure winner.

I've found a way to follow it up with Snoop Dogg lyrics as well!

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