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Thursday, November 04, 2004

What did the world do to deserve this? 

Another 4 years.

Trying to look on the bright side (not easy)...

At least we don't have to feel sorry for them any more. Unlike 2000, this is a clear statement of what they want. They've seen how deceitful, beligerent, incompetent and manipulative the current administration was and they've come out in record numbers to support them.

So the rest of the world need not feel any guilt whatsoever in not joining in with their silly games. They're on their own now.
This sums it up:,
It's going to be a looooonnnggg 4 years.

Nice Blog.
Well.. it's the beginning of the end of the world. 1000 years of war... i wanted kerry but knew bush would win... it just made sense with the end of the world theory. just did... and what do you? he won. goodbye usa.. goodbye world... eh.. it was good while it lasted. bloody bush lovers... burn in hell to all of them...
see-moan me old mate, the point is they (that is, about 53% of the population)have NOT seen how deceitful, beligerent, incompetent and manipulative their leaders are - or if they have, they care much less about that than they do about "moral value" issues and especially abortion and gay rights (particularly same-sex marriage). That these voters - mostly white, religious, middle class and comfortably off to affluent, or mid-states white conservatives bordering on the redneck - cannot see "moral values" in issues like Iraq is simply a reflection of the way the majority of Americans think. The values of other sectors of the population are different - see the white, affluent support for Kerry in the main Eastern centers (and others) but for contrast check out former Washington DC mayor, with a drug conviction and jail time, getting 96% (yes 96%) of the election night vote for the DC council. Anyway, if you have US dollars in an account somewhere, move them now(into euro, yuan, yen, anything....before its too late. Cheers.
Good call on the currency ... the Canadian dollar (wonderfully called "the loonie" - after the bird, not GWB) just hit 83c US - its highest close in many, many years. Well, since we have to gone living at least a bit longer before this whole end of the world scenario, I'll take some solice in their precious (but amoral?) war going down the toilet, followed closely by their economy.

Or vice-versa. In any case, they're already heading for the pan, and from there to the sewer.
dc_red: very strange bird the Canadian loonie. It might be solace for you old buddie while you wait for the whole thing to slide gently (?) down the sewer and out to the coast, but considering where I am sitting right now it is no solace at all. I think you'd have enjoyed the GOP woman on Fox last night who described GWB's pulling ultra-conservative Republican senators and congressmen (congresspersons?)thru on his coat-tails in former Dem seats, and her prediction that this represents a massive change in traditional Rep values. Two scary things - she's probably right, and the damned woman thought it was an excellent outcome. Cheers
China may overtake the US sooner than we thought. And then things will get interesting :(
Can anyone tell me why, in the last 50 years, "the church" leans to the left in every country in the civilised world (peace activism, indigeonous rights, helping the underprivileged etc) but in the US it is the most vengeful, hating, intolerent faction around?
China's our only hope really to curb America's increasingly arrogant Us vs Them mindset. But China have got a long way to go to sort their shit out.

Just imagine Jeb Bush going for President in 2008, and then Jeb's son in 2016, or whatever.

No way, It'll be the Clinton clan back in next time.

What's with all this family shit anyway?
Don't forget India; the world's fastest growing economy, coupled with some military grunt, a technology-based industrial emphasis, and a history of diplomatic neutrality.

And a chip on the shoulder for not being as good at cricket as they should be.
Good call about the family shit.

This country which founded itself on the republican model because they didn't like priveledge by birth.

Once great; they are clearly in their autumn years.
Can't see Hillary getting a look in given the current political climate, assuming it remains in the same general state it is now for the next four years. As abhorrent as it seems, I just can't see Americans electing a woman president - the red states will just get redder, and all the lazy trailer trash who didn't even bother voting this time probably would just to make sure no woman gets control of "their" country.

I mean, one state voted for a guy with ALZEIMERS just because he was Republican. These are not rational people who vote on issues, abilities or basically anything except for their team. And Clinton would be as far from their team as possible. It's crazy.
When are they going to sort out their ridiculous election system for christs sakes?!

Surely the president should just come down to the popular vote. Which would have been Bush anyway but it wouldn't have been last time as we all know.

Then you get a second vote for local representatives or for proportional representation.

As it stands it's all or nothing for every state. If you happen to vote for one 'team' that gets 49% versus 51% you get jack shit representation out of that vote. No flucking incentive. I like our current system in NZ because you will either get some representation out of one or both of your votes.

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