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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Wankery or Goodery? 

Oh my god! New Zealand now has a celebrity 'movement/scene' going.

Does this mean the country is now fucked or saved?

I suppose they'll all be out in force at the next election supporting the left.

We should work out who our version of Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn etc are.

Good work.

Is Utting looking for a cheap ride home after a decent night out on the slops?
We must have celebrities. Isn't that the principle of that "City nobody, country nobody" show I've seen advertised? If TV tells us often enough we might start believing them.
man, now I'm going to actually have to write something serious on the whole auckland public transport 'dilema'.

Trains my friend. I should really write up my Brisbane report ... a good, fast train system ... five underground stations downtown (all pretty clean and user-friendly) ... about 5 or 6 different lines, with major stops coordinating with the bus service. Every year Auckland dithers on doing something similar, the cost of construction goes up by another couple of billion.
Trains are the answer; end of story. They can handle growth easily. Roads can't.

There would not be a single European city of half Auckland's size without a semi-decent rail network. Auckland is looking more and more like a giant motorway / car-park. Birmingham by the sea.
Obviously as an Aucklander transport will effect me a lot. And I've caught the train in Auckland hundreds of times in the 90s.

But I wonder whether all the cities with good rail networks or subway networks built their lines before or after there was a demand? In Auckland the traffic jams are confined to a few strips running into the city from the west, south, east and north and for 90% of travel at other times and to other destinations and in other parts of the city the traffic is fine and won't ever force people to leave their cars at home. Double tracking the western line is underway and will help quite a bit. But as for other parts of Auckland I don't know enough.

But at the moment I'm not convinced it's as simple and as vital, or viable might be a better word as many folk think. Needs more research me thinks.

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