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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Stuff Man 

So Steve Hansen is having a go at the govermnet for not shelling out millions of tax payers bucks for building a giant stadium (essentially) for rugby to use one day a year (and maybe even fill if they are lucky).

He goes on about how it's our national game and unites all NZers blah blah blah.

Well, Mr Hansen, how is it then that you are involved in one of the most disrepectful acts/crimes ever comitted against the AB jersey by allowing them to be handed out to every man and his dog.

Meanwhile Graham Henry was waxing lyrical about how great his team of novices were in the weekend when they thrashed Wales by one point (our worst result against them in 51 years). He was talking nonsense about how far they had come and how the Lions must be terrified now of facing guys like Piri Weepu (Who? I hear you saying. That's also what the Lions are saying).

I have one question for Henry though. If the team in the weekend played better than you were expecting (which is how it sounds from what you have said) then were you expecting to lose to Wales?

We had enough bullshit from the previous coach. Spare us more of the same.


The V8 Supercar race has unsurprisingly been scrapped in Auckland. Let's be honest, it was never really going to go ahead in the first place, or if it did it would have been a bit of a shambles.

If they had had consent for 1 or 2 years it may have been a goer. But SEVEN? Me thinks not.


I see in the latest radio audience figures that Radio Sport has taken a massive hit going down from 4.3% to 2.5%. Obviously the percentage is low, but that's not far off half of the audience. Something to do with a couple of their 'star' hosts sodding off perhaps?

The other 'story' from the figures is a new station Flava 96one registering 4.9 percent and stealing all Mai FMs audience (11.7% down to 5.8%).

On a more shitty note, these two companies now have 90% of the Auckland radio market between them.

TNR = Coca Cola
Radio Works = Pepsi Cola

My understanding of that survey was that it was taken in the first 2 weeks of Novemeber which did coincide with Devlin's departure.

Perhaps more importantly though, it was while the US elections were on, and in the "shoulder season" which lasts for about 2 weeks these days. The NPC and NRL had just finished, and the major cricket and rugby tours were yet to begin.

A league tri-series and a cricket tour of Bangladesh oviously weren't capturing the non-music listening audience's imagination.
Oops; I've just read your link properly; the ratings were taken in October which was before Devlin resigned.

The Warriors were well gone by then, and Auckland had been knocked out of the NPC (they results apply to Auckland only) and there were a few elections on at the time....
"We had enough bullshit from the previous coach."

Bollocks. We had nowhere near enough bullshit from him. All AB supporters want a winning team on their terms, which are different from the person in charge although it's his ass on the line. The aim is to win. They had a "development' tour, blooded new players and then went full bore the next year. Everyone hated him but the team dealt to everyone bar one game. It's accepted that we played shit in that game, (players do that you know), but he turned that team around in 2 years and most of his selections are still there. (Note I did not say all). Then the coach gets the shaft not because of results (which is what we all want)but because people don't "like" him.

Now the Great Redeemer and co are pissing people off one year in? Will they chop his nads off next year after a similar run of form as this year?

We will not win the Webb Ellis hood ornament again unless we let coaches evolve. Woodward is a total wank but they gave him the reigns, said you have 8 years and hey presto! The English! Good god! Why can't we do that? Because we don't trust people. We will them to fail. And when results don't come we whinge and say I told you so.

So. Instead of building up over two campaigns, lets continue our binge and purge philosophy. Much more productive.

And no, it didn't start out as a rant, but it kind of evolved. You know?

Fair points but who's to say that after 8 years in charge the likes of Mitchell, Henry or whoever won't still be falling over at the final hurdle?

There can only be one winner at each WC.

Mitchell had his chance, blooded young players, talked a load of gibberish nonsense people couldn't understand for two years, then when we lost blamed it on the team being young. Ignoring the fact that they looked absolutely fucking clueless in the biggest game in the 4 years up to that point. Do we really want to give that guy another 4 years in charge? Is 800 days and a couple of dozen tests not long enough to stamp your game plan?

Nup, see ya later.

The coaches aren't there these days to beat alsorans by 50 points and Aussie and South Africa most of the time. They are picked to win the WC pure and simple.

I've stated in the past that I'd rather they pick the best team they can and take things as they come rather than throw all their eggs in one basket (the WC) and find that their 2,3,4 year master plan gets fucked over in 80 minutes. Meanwhile they've been throwing away AB jerseys and degrading the history of the sport just to build up to this hit and usually miss chance.
No. Two years is not enough, if based on the current World Cup focus. You are implementing a style on players and NZRFU politics. That does take time to implement. But I do agree that taking each test as they come is a better approach.

As for the cheapening of the jersey, I couldn't give a rats ass so long as they win. If they don't, however, the trade off isn't worth it. Until there is an international rugby season this will continue.

Interestng to hear Justin Marshall talking about the cheapening of the jersey and how he wanted to go on the tour. A few months ago he was bleating about how many games they had to play and how the administrators had to think about player burnout. It seems to me he just got his wish.

Yeah this issue needs talking about more I think. Where's abloody forum when you need one.

I'd alomst think about starting a hyperboard if only my missus wouldn't kill me.

2 years in my opinion is long enough in many respects.

The question you have to ask is what was the NZ game plan v Australia in the semi final after we were supposedly focusing on that very game along with the final for 2 years?

Up and runing now. Still in a "beta" state, but the forum seems to be going OK.
I see we have a new "member" named Brendan.

Seems to have a problem with those members who back their arguments. Strange since he's basically doing the very same thing.

I love condescending wanks. They make me feel better about being me. Muhahahaha.
Me thinks Brendan is a current member using an alias.
I thought that myself but his writing style seems different from the other cock smokers and a bit much for them to come up with.

There's some odd folk out their in internet land though that's for sure.
site is as slow as fuck. Can't open your PM message xman. Actually given up doing anything there for the time being.
Message is nothing anyways. Brendan is a knob. Its definitely an alias. He says similar stuff (Liverpool hater, man not ball)....hates Telfer, but tries to copy him to be funny. Tried to act dumb with aussie teachin comment.
site was slow at school, a bit quicker at home. Looks OK. Not too many changes though really for 3 weeks work.
The site is the same but a different colour basically. I can make more changes to my blogging site in an hour that would totally transform the fucker.

Anyway, who do you reckon he is?

GCMC, MT_Tinman??? Must be one of them unless it's smell like a rat trying to divert attention away from himself with the mention of his own name.

He seems capable of it but I don't think he would have been motivated as much as the other twats would.

I'm just going to ignore every single thing he posts till he gets bored and commits suicide

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