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Friday, November 26, 2004

Something for everyone at Destiny Church 

More than 250 young people will take a pledge tonight to abstain from pre-marital sex and illicit substances.

The ceremony is the culmination of a seven-week part time program run by the South Auckland branch of Destiny Church to encourage virginity and a life free of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Most participants are between 13 and 25 years, and will wear a silver and gold ring to symbolise their commitment.

The Youth Pastor of Destiny Church Auckland, Caine Warren, says the only safe sex is no sex, and that abstinence will help curb the rising rate of teen pregnancy , STD's and abortions.

(Would you like some pineo'clean to go with your minds?)

Man, remind me never to go partying with those limp rags.

My old man works with a couple of people who belong to Destiny Church and he takes the piss out of them quite a bit, asking them how their "club" is and such like. They don't like that apparently.
ha ha maybe you and your old man should join a club or gang so they can kick the piss and crap out of yous while they rage off the money they beat out of your limp dicks ha ha ha

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