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Friday, November 26, 2004

Sick in the Head 

In NZ we are far too civilised to use baseball bats.

We use cricket bats instead.

The NBA has copied American Football and uses power rankings now too. Though it was probably some stupid sport like ice hockey that started it.

Seattle Supersonics are top and the Chicago Bulls are bottom.

Asia is going to be screwed by climate change apparently. Though is there really anywhere that won't be?

Rock On. Makes a change from getting in trouble at work for being stoned though.

And since NZ are about to bowl v Aussie here are my first innings predictions:
Martin 3.5 2 15 0
Franklin 3 1 26 0 (2nb)

Australia 43/0 at 5.06 an over.

Styris ---0/69

Australia 730/8 declared


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