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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sex IN Sport 

My cousin sent me this link of people gettin' it on while playing footie.

Save it for the showers guys.

Be warned though. There are a couple of 'annoying' pop ups that come up when you close the link. In other words do not use open the link if you are in a public place or using a work computer. Or you could open the link and then laugh real loud so everybody looks at your computer and sees it all. That would be kinda fun as well.

Sweaty man love -- it's what makes the Internet great. You're welcome.

Your Fucking Cousin
NO! I'm YOUR fucking cousin!
Hey, that wasn't me, I'M the real anonymous. Maybe I'll have to get me a nom-de-blog now. Cheers.
Well he identified himself as my aunties son so I knew he HE was.

Now you on the other hand may need a name as you say.
I don't think the pop-ups, in this case, are that annoying at all.

What is annoying, getting off the topic, is that Tony Vietch is taking over the Breakfast Show on Radio Sport. That annoying, lightweight, sqwarking, preening, sawn-off little twerp.

Geoff Robinson, I'm back
Yeah I don't rate him at all. While Devlin could be a bit annoying at times he was decent enough.

Veitch on the other hand should be despised by half the listening audience in no time.

I reckon I'd do a better job, if it wasn't for the fact that I completely freeze up when I get put on the spot about anything.
Agree with you Yamis; although by saying that half the population will get annoyed by him may be understating it a little.

Isn't it a shame we can't debate this at length at the moment? Maybe even have a poll.....
god I hope theres some decent folk who come to the site after it gets it's make over.

I really can't be bothered wasting my breath with half of those fuckers. Completely irrational and prejudice minds makes any sort of normal debate impossible.
Whens it up and running? Been at least a week.

Its funny that you and I got grouped together by someone (coulda been the lively Graeme T??) as "those 2" - think he said something like "its no use arguing with those 2...". Think a few were upset over the soccer poll with multiple sad voters and our criticism of it. Made me laugh.
Yep there's a couple of gangs starting to form.

For the sake of simplicity let's call one of them the "normal people" and the other gang the "prejudiced grumpy weirdoes".

I've given up there as it doesn't matter how many facts or well thought out points you come up with, at the end of the day all you get is nonsensical rubbish thrown back from some angry old men.
Will we let See-Moan join our gang?
There is a few oddbods on Panda. But they pobably think we are too. Graeme T is funny ...over the last 3 weeks hes posted about 200 times. All of it basically the same...."Wellington got screwed", "Go Wellington", "Pray for wellington", "Brock James...", Tana...."...and "Ive got no problem with League...I just hate it and everyone who supports it".
Top stuff. Its been really lively lately...I hope the break doesnt kill it.
Well as I saw it the normal people are myself (haha), you, seemoan and papamoan.

The rest can go have sex with themselves.

I love a bit of intelligent debate but unfortunately unless it's any of the above involved it's very rarely productive nor funny. I actually feel dumber after conversing with some of them.

The site is a sad indictment on NZ sports fans with access to the internet muhahaha.

In fact I can't believe that so few people go there given that it gets plugged weekly on radio sport and there are no other NZ sports forums that I know of. What it probably needs is to be broken into different sport sections to attract people from the various sports.

who knows
Lol, xman, why did it take you so long to find this site??? Funny what an absence from Pandasport can do.

I’ve seen the changes, they are an improvement, and there are also going to be more links and partnerships with other sites and programmes. It’s just annoying it’s taking so long!!!!

You need to give people time on the site. With the exception of our South African friend, everyone on there has posted sense at some stage. And I’ve noticed that GraemeT and Tinman have both made provocative comments, but then explained them in a more rational way later when pressed.

You guys weren’t around then, but when I first joined that site 2-3 years ago, the arguments (usually Marshall-related) between myself and Raz were extremely heated, and I was called everything under the sun. We then agreed to disagree on that one; I’ve met him a few times now, we exchange e-mails, and I would call him a mate.

I actually think NZers haven’t caught onto the forum thing yet. The number of people that actually visit the site regularly (both for articles and the forum) is huge; many times greater than the number of forum members. Perhaps it takes a bit of emotion on there to get more people participating.
Ive been coming to this site since it was "advertised" on Panda by NZer. Just didnt feel the need to comment...until now...cos of the nervous twitch Ive developed over the last 8 long days....
Add GCMC to our gang.
I showed Pandasport to a friend of mine (who desn't follow sport but runs a petrol-head forum way bigger than Panda) a few months ago.

He thought one reason that it didn't attract as many members as it could was because it was too "matey" and "clubby". He thought not enough posts disagreed with what was being said, and was too much along the lines of "yes I agree, well said, good point" etc...
Couldn't disagree with your mates opinion more.

There's way too much disagreement most of the time for me. Perfectly good ideas shouted down by bigots. haha

Theres tons on NZers on sports forums so I don't know about NZers not being ready for the forum thing. I think it's more to do with it being a tad agressive, kind of that little example of a new memeber coming on that I posted a while ago.

Basically I think pandasport sucks and not sure why radio sport still gave it the time of day for so long. It had nothing but Davie writing a personal diary each day and a forum with a dozen people fond of abuse. It could have been twice as good and still been crap.

It better pull it's socks up. Harsh but what I think after having seen hundreds of sports sites around the world.
Thinking about it a bit more. I know Adam has a fulltime job and can hardly be blamed for the site.

What NZ really needs is a full on professional sports site that tracks Kiwis and major world results 24/7.

Something that blows the Herald,, etc's sports sections out of the water and actually makes a bit of money through advertising.

Maybe even one of the major media outlets could get in on it and that way improve their own sport content.

I think the only thing holding it back is that maybe there aren't enough people in NZ hooked up to the net yet.

In Korea a country that isn't really that interested in sport, there are about 5 fully sports only newspapers and a few 24 hour sports channels. I guess it comes down to the size of the market.
Its really only got the forum. What else??? Links.... Davies contributes everyday...but Id love to know how many people actually read his columns per day. Most of them are good...but are they being read?
If there was no forum...its a nothing site really.
yeah that's what bugs me about it. here's this website that gets plugged on radio sport each week and it has a forum with 12 people shouting each other in it.

It could be so much better.

and will it be??????
It’s one enigmatic site; that’s for sure, and your point about Adam doing this for love is well made.

I’m informed that far more people read the articles and forum posts than actively participate. When Adam put up the article a month or so ago saying he didn’t want Steve Walsh to ref the final, he had several negative responses back within hours, including an “official one”. None of that made the forum.

Also, one of the irregular column contributers was put under a huge amount of pressure by the wife of his Radio Sport co-host to withdraw his services within hours of a series of posts bagging their show on the forum. Devlin and Darcy also check it regularly; note how often Darcy raises an issue that has been discussed on the forum that day. I even heard him quote one of my posts verbatim as if it was his one night!

I’m not sure that its focus should be live sport; for example I don’t see the point in anyone taking on cricinfo, more to cover the issues around sport; selections, competition formats, sports politics etc. For that it needs wider input to the forum, tipping competitions, and more guest columns, and perhaps a bit of satire too….

Further to the issue of whether NZ-based kiwis have fully embraced the internet and forums in particular; it’s interesting to note that of the 12 regulars, there are “you 2” teachers based in Asia, a SA schoolkid and an Australian recently moved to NZ. That’s quite a high percentage.
Very interesting info there seemoan. And I agree with your idea for what the site should look like (more comment rather than live sport updates I suppose). I one stop shot for debating the latest sporting news.

That would probably be too hard to co-ordinate in the short term anyway as NZers aren't really wired to the extent that say Korea is.

In Korea the K-league gets practically nobody along to games but still has live stats and text commentary being fed into the internet and into peoples mobile phones.

I wonder how far NZ is away from that kind of thing. Probably 10 years by my guesstimate.

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