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Friday, November 12, 2004

Quadruple Threat Tag Team Pool Match 

Tonight sees the popular return of the Quadruple Threat Tag Team Pool Match to Anyang, South Korea.

Contestants, bluebeardnz, yamis, sweatepz, and 'John' (otherwise known as Stone Cold Steve Austin) will battle for the title and the winnings of... well... nothing but a hangover after too many Hite and OB Lager beers followed by Cass at Rock#$in Bar and then free Budweiser at MI hip hop club.

Fresh from his two consecutive individual series drubbings at the hands of yamis, bluebeardnz will be out for revenge. And yamis' bank shots will no doubt go to shit once again if there are any cute Korean girls at a neighbouring table. But then that has been known to effect bluebeardnz's game considerably as well. Shouldn't I have an advantage now that I'm married?

See you at school at 4, for some smacktalk bb!

Two consecutive lucky 7-6 victories does not a legacy make.

And you're right, cute Korean girls at a neighboring table are an influence; they are ever-so-impressed when anyone hits the balls really hard (which is all you have to cheer I guess, when you watch the boring version of the game Koreans play, which consists of three or four balls, NO pockets and....well, that's it. The object, from what I can gather, is to hit your white ball onto both red balls in the same shot, where upon you score a point and shoot again. There are also bonus points for the stupidest hat, hardest hair and most bored girlfriend too, I think)

So if there are cute girls present, I hit the ball hard. Really hard. So hard. And this actually helps me in the long run, because the tables we play on a more bent than an American election..........

And I beat you in the 9-ball, memory man....
9-ball? you mean that stupid flukey game where the better player often loses?

Yeah I suppose you did win that. muhahaha.


PS You can teach the 'more mature' class this avo. I'll do the brats.
Nothing self-indulgent there, lads
Us, self-indulgent? I'm taken aback, aghast, I've been slandered, insulted, hoisted up the wrong flag pole....

I demand an apology! Punitive damages! Retribution!
Smackity smack, kiss a yak!
Behave yourselves, larrikans. Cheers, the Real Anonymous.
I won 3 games to 2. Wasted again bluebeardnz muhahahahahahahahahahaha.
Shame about the fucking hangover though.
There were no cute girls. That is all.

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