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Friday, November 19, 2004

NZ v Australia Test One Day Two round up and Predictions 

Well, not a bad day for NZ. I was expecting one of two things to happen on Day 2 and posted them as comments on another blog.

First scenario was we would be dismissed very quickly and they would knock up 300/4.
The second scenario was we would make 330 (353) and they would be 200/4 (197/4) at stumps.

So I was damn close on the second part.

Predictions for tomorrow are that Aussie bat on pretty solidly with us making the occasional break through. They will pass our score with 7 wickets down and we will eventually dismiss them for 389.

Then with roughly one session left to bat we throw the test away and have a small lead (41 runs to be exact) with only 5 wickets in hand.

Most likely my predictions will prove to be like dc_reds comments on my bowling. Complete horse shit. muhahahahaha. Actually my flipper is a weird one. I bowl it out the back of the hand, much like a googly but it often kicks on like Warnes top spinner that goes straight and bounces sharply. Shame that it often hits the batsman in the head on the full or lands 4 feet outside off, bounces twice etc etc.

Comments on Day Two. Oram did a fantastic job. When he takes 15 more test wickets he will qualify for my table of the top 25 test allrounders of all time.

He could turn out to be more valuable than Cairns was if he sticks around long enough. He probably needs to be a bit more destructive with the ball though. He seems to be one of those bowlers that takes wickets at the rate of 1,2 or 3 in an innings and very rarely knocks over 4 or 5 (in 16 tests he has no 5 wicket bags). His current test averages are 47.1 with the bat and 31.88 with the ball.

Mills hit his highest test score to date. Well done mate. It was also the 3rd highest score in our innings. We had too many players making starts and not going on.

Incidentally, 9 of our 11 players have test centuries to their name. Pretty good depth in our lineup then. I can't see Mills ever getting one though, and if Martin can ever get to double fingers than I'll be happy.

This guy, Michael Clarke is a worry. He is in his 5th test and averages 61.57 right now. Hopefully he isn't really as good as that suggests and flucks up tomorrow along with Martyn. Any serious hope we have of winning this test rests on dismissing those two in the morning session and then running through Gilchrist, Warne and Gillespie (no easy task, we all know Gilchrist is a chance of flogging a hundred and Warne likes batting against us). Kasprowicz and McGrath should'nt stick around for too long.

Day 2 was the day when NZ made a statement that they won't roll over, but Day 3 will be the day when the test starts to turn for one team or the other.

Im picking either Clarke or Martyn to get an 80ish, with the other 120ish. Add in 70ish by the tale and theres 383. 6 away from you.
NZ to be 62/1 at end of day 3.
Im away all day tomorrow so will interested to see the happenings when I return.
Go Macca. I still luv ya.
ABs by 17
SA by 6
Both MArtin and Mills bowled way better than predicted with little luck.

But the interesting thing is when Vettori is on; they're really going after him, but he's ahead on points.
I'm afraid a HALF CENTURY from Glenn McGrath (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) means that we should somehow get the rest of the series cancelled. Or we should be able to bowl from 5 metres. Or something.
What the fuck was that all about??!! I go out for the afternoon and come back to find Clarke, Gilchrist both hit centuries (nothing way shocking there) but then that Gillespie is on 43 and McGrath has 50 odd.

That's a straight out fucking disgrace and Mr. Oram is leading the way with 108 for none off 22 overs. That's 5 an over.

Ah well, nothing for it now but for Fleming and the other tossers who gave their wickets away in teh first innings to get hundreds and save the test.

That is if McGrath doesn't go on and get a century ;(
Well.... my predictions sucked. Im currently watching Eng vs 1st test in 3 mths. Eng up 29-9..killin them. God lets hope my third prediction of NZ by 19 is good. SA just fuck up every time they get the ball. And their shirts are faggoty (Eng). That collar needs a bullet. Makes them all look like the Public Schoolboys they are.
Can we bat for 2 days?.....not on Eng vs NZ form from earlier this year. A draw is a TOP result for us.
Whats up with Panda Sport? I heard Andy say its DEFINETELY on Tues on Wed last week. I just hope the forum momentum it had over the last month doesnt fuck up.
Safs just scored. 32-14 , but only 7 to go.
No idea on Pandasport; but it's a fair bet Panda's pretty embarassed by it all. He'll need to have it up and running by 11:45 tomorrow or otherwise he'll have about the same amount of credibility as Braces.
what's happening with pandasport has been consistent with whats happened with it since day one.

ie. nothing

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