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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

NZ Netguide awards 

Well I really have nothing to say about them since I only had a vague awareness that they were on (happens when you don't live in NZ).

But it turns out that the winner, "bizgirl" was a bloke named James Guthrie who also has a music site that I had come across before and quite liked. So well done to you sir.

Anyhow 'both of them' link to our site so cheers very muchly.

I'll have to return the favour and add some more links to blog sites or whatever other interesting sites are out there, only it'll have to be further down the right column than perhaps they deserve. There are so many well written, researched or whatever the fuck NZ blog sites that it's hard to keep track of em all.

Meanwhile in keeping with the vague sports theme of our crumby wee blog (which should have cleaned up all the awards) here is the sports and recreation winner (or some award thats similar in name to the sports and recreation award). Confused? Me too.

One other thing I can't let slide though.

How the fuck does Winston Peters get 8% support in the latest preferred prime minister poll?

According to the latest population figures that works out at 324,872 people wanting him running the country!!! Now you can't just blame old fogies in "The Raunga" for that.

More of the country is sniffing crack than I thought. Butt crack that is. Brownnosing ho's!

That's really the best sports site in NZ??!!!

As we've said before, there sure is a huge gap out there; both for general sports sites and specialist ones, not to mention blogs.
cheers yamis.

and being linked from both bizgirl and noizyblog makes you one of an elite set of nz blog sites. ;)

keep it up, lovin' it...

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