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Friday, November 05, 2004

More Bush and Less Arse 

That's what Americans seem to want.

Apparently the two blokes next door who are taking turns bending each other over the couch is more important than the crying families bending over the decapitated body of their brother/son/mother/uncle/sister/father... in Iraq.

Ah well, more job losses, imprisonment, less funding for social services, hate, distrust and war for that lot then.

They'll have to take their medicine properly this time.... enema perhaps?

What was actually said telepathetically here:
Edwards: "We suck"
Kerry: "Yep"

and this is what you get for voting Democrat.


On a lighter note the Breakers out did themselves by actually achieving two wins in a row!


And the Hyundai Unicorns (playing in Suwon) took out the Korean baseball series in game..... NINE!!! The series was first to 4, but because of a stupid rule where games tied after 4 hours are called as ties the series was prolonged after games 2,3 and 7 were dead-locked at the 4 hour mark. Then in the final game it pissed down for 4 hours and it should have been called off but I think both teams were sick of the sight of each other and the umps were probably working for free by that stage so they decided to play through the rain and fortunately for everybody Hyundai won. Because if the Samsung Lions (from Daegu) had won then we would have been off to game TEN! And then that could have been a draw and then it's game ELEVEN! and then it gets washed out and we are off to game TWELVE, and then it's late November and the first snow of the season drops on the ground the night before the game and we're off to game THIRTEEN etc etc, tell me when to stop.

That ain't champagne falling on them.


While I remember (since dc_red asked), the pick pockets in Paris were spotted before they made their move. They stick out like sore thumbs (13 year olds in track suits) and don't even attempt to hide themselves or intentions. It was a basic case of looking them in the eye and suggesting they leave quickly unless they want to be thrown onto the tracks or kicked down a flight of stairs.

Right then I'm off to eat my rice.


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