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Friday, November 19, 2004

McMillan ya duffer 

A sorry state of affairs yesterday as McMillan - have done fairly well in getting himself started and clocking up 23 runs - decided to charge down the pitch before Warne delivered the ball, presumably with a view to hitting the ball out of the ground. Now everyone enjoys doing this when Yamis is bowling in the nets, but it's a rather different situation when your team is in trouble, you're just getting set in, and the bowler with the world record for the most wickets in test is at the other end.

Take a note, Macca, Warne has been dismissing batsmen who charge at him like that, very successfully, for about 14 years. It's not that hard ... any spinner worth is weight knows that when a batsman charges down the pitch like a maniac, you fire the ball in low, fast, and preferably a bit wide ... even the "part-time tweaker" playing club cricket on a Saturday afternoon can manage it.

Take a note John Bracewell, Macca is crap, and has been for quite a few seasons now. His relatively decent test average reflects former glories. He's even more hopeless in the one-day arena. Send him back to Canterbury and make him earn his keep. I've had this to say about McMillan in the past, while Yamis has a slighly more charitable interpretation of his test record.

For what it's worth I've always thought Sinclair was potentially a class act, and I think yesterday's effort showed he's been working on his game ... which is what quality players do when they're dropped from the team.

Oh yes, and fair play to Yamis, I can't read his flipper in the nets. Revenge will be mine in January though.

Richard Boock has this to say in today's NZH:

McMillan, recalled under controversial circumstances after arriving as cover for Fleming and Astle, lost not only his mind but also his wicket when he charged recklessly at Shane Warne and was caught behind for 23.

It was an outrageous dismissal considering New Zealand's position at the time and the fact that McMillan and Oram had been repairing much of the earlier damage with a gritty 42-run stand for the sixth wicket.

But it was even more astonishing considering McMillan's lack of security in the national team, and his effort in the tour match last week in Sydney when he slogged out in the first innings and shouldered arms to a straight one in the second.

At least it was a gutsy, fighting innings from Sinclair, who was hit on the shoulder and lid during a fiery first session.

He eventually brought up his fourth test half-century with an inside edge for four.

The 29-year-old Central Districts batsman, considered more of a makeshift opener than specialist, has taken most chances offered to him over the past year, with his most recent five innings realising scores of 74, 21, 76, 23 and 69.
In an otherwise tense and high-quality day, there were 4 truly appalling pieces of cricket:

1. Lehman’s use of the reverse cup for a waist-high catch in the deep
2. Astle’s dawdling down the pitch, back to the fieldsman, when running to a misfield
3. Macca charging down the track to the world’s most experienced bowler before he’d delivered the ball
4. The fucking home-town 3rd umpire giving McCullum out.

For me, the worst was actually Astle, althugh there's some tough competition there.
Just heard, for the first time today, "It's a beautiful day at the Gabba." Fuckers ... I'm stuck here in Dunedin. Does any one else feel my pain?

Even the Ozi ABC commentators on Radio Sport thought McCullum was hard done by. No fault of his ... crap decision.
Go Mills and Oram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking last night before bed (I count runs in cricket not sheep to get to sleep), that there are 2 scenarios possible on Day 2.

The first is we are skittled for about 260 and they knock up about 300/4.

The second is we get about 330 and they are about 180-220/4 at stumps.

The first scenario is gone now thankfully. Hopefully we can scrounge a few more runs and take more than just 4 wickets but it'll be tough going.

At least we've showed some backbone though which is good to see.
fuck, I just got Mills out. Sorry.

Martin won't last long.

Oram better hit his 100 this over.
Mills our 3rd highest scorer.

We need to start a hyperboard forum I reckon.

That way we could have about 4 of us posting in it muhahaha
Oram signals his intent...
112.2 Gillespie to Oram, no run, good length ball, Oram has a wild swing at a ball that goes down off
112.1 Gillespie to Oram, no run, charges down the pitch in an aggressive manner, played to mid off, decides against the single
Is it possible to listen to this live on the net anywhere?
not sure about that.

maybe ABC have a live internet feed?

Awesome session for us. 102 runs and only 2 tailend wickets down.

If we bowl well we may be able to apply a little pressure late in the test. Right, I'm off to the bank. I hate banks.
Is there the 15 min delayed coverage on the Radio Sport website? Awesome session for us, loved those two 6s in a row. I take back what I said about being stuck in crap Dunedin weather ... it has suddenly warmed up from about 13 to 26 (yes, you read that right, 26 -- and that's celsius, not faranheit). An unprecedented increase in temperature ... too nice to be in the fucking office.
That over from Warne when he was wided twice by the Pakistani umpire was one of the best bits of schadenfreude ever.

If only the rest of them could bat as well as Oram!!! Prediction; he'l be our best bowler too.
BTW, for you guys not able to see this on TV; in Oram's first over Langer smashed a ball through to the keeper but was given not out.....

In fairness though, Hayden's LBW was marginal (smae umpire)
I had to walk bloody miles to find this computer room in a break from teaching.

he aussies are being their usual arrogant selves at the batting crease. Arrogance is often a good thing when it comes to sport though of course.

Cairns would be a good person to bowl right now. Maybe McMillan could try and redeem himself at the bowling crease too.
and yes I know cairns isnt playing
Well it ended up being my scenario 2 that came about.

The 330 all out and aussie 200/4 scenario I envisaged last night.
although we got 353 and they are 197/4

Not too shabby though. If I can hone my skills a bit further they won't even need to bother with the games at all. I'll just supervise the toss and then tell everybody what they would have scored and then we can go and hit the piss.
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