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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Legend of Late II 

I suppose (I actually wrote "guess" instead of "suppose" there but am trying to ditch at least a couple of my Americanisms...) a few of our regular readers (all 5 of them plus the 20 odd others who stroll in here each day... 40 odd on Mondays and Fridays!) will have noticed the addition to the left side bar of a new feature titled "Legend of Late".

Now unfortunately the first ever recipient was a bloody Aussie and he achieved the honour by belting us Kiwis!

So I've decided that his time has come and gone (though he's just knocked over Fleming and Astle in quick succession) and the new Legend of Late is............

Daniel Vettori

Thus far in the series he has figures of:
105.2 overs
19 maidens
306 runs
9 wickets
at 34.00
economy rate of 2.90

OK so he's hardly set the world on fire but bearing in mind McGrath was flogging a crap bowling attack and Vettori has achieved that against the best batsmen in the world on their turf on pitches not famed for assisting spinners greatly I think he deserves to take the title. And hell, I'm one of his biggest critics usually, based on his lack of striking ability when we really need it from him.

If anybody ever wants to nominate a person to take the mantle (and they have to trump the person in the role, or at least you need to have a witty reason as to why they are the new legend) then feel free to either do it here in the comments page or else in the new discussion forum which you can go to if you use the link up at the top left corner or else link right here...

They don't have to be a sportsman. They just have to be well known to the public.

Right, now I've gotta go find a suitable pic. Ah the work round here never ends.

Great choice ... i'm just back behind the computer after 4 days away, and was thinking of working out Vettori's contributions with bat and ball over his last, say, 10 matches (so as not to make too much of his 20 wickets against Bangladesh). Shame Sinclair, Richardson, etc. didn't fire.

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