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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Korean Store Names 

Anybody who has been to Asia would no doubt have had a laugh at come of the store names when English is involved.

So after a journey into Seoul today here are a few I noted on the return trip.

Mr. Pizza (simple yet stylish)
RED O MANGO (think they were selling fruit shakes?)
BANG BANG (womens clothing shop, maybe they sell handgun accesories as well)
Donky Fried Chicken (no comment)
Baro Bang Bakery
Pizza Cat (pizza store, not a pet shop)
Sweetheart ... Dog (pet shop, not a restaurant)
KGB Billiard Room (Koreans seem to use "KGB" for just about anything)

Another local favourite is the "Fashion Shocking Mall" on the main drag.

Even funnier: a pet store near my college has a large painting on the window of a cute cartoon dog........

.....taking a huge crap.

I shit you not, excuse the pun.
Womens clothing shop in Hiroshima - Butter Bitch Style. Huh???
Dunno if you know it...but this site is very funny.
Yeah that sites a laugh, cheers.

Remionds me of another clothing label in Korea.

Colon Sports

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