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Friday, November 05, 2004

I can't resist 

just posting this straight here.

Fxxxing Classic !!!!
Fxxxing Classic !!!!
Hmmm.......could this be the same Canada whose Prime Minister not so long ago praised D-Day veterans for their storming of the beaches of "Norway"? Or the same US of C whose Government is under investigation by the RCMP for close to 40 alleged frauds and scams? Or the one which took a case against Mulroney (he of the Kerry-type jaw) and lost, spectacularly, and promptly lost another $2million when the big M sued? For an alternative view see Mind you he could have changed his mind since Tuesday. I have. I think. Cheers.
I think you might be taking it a bit too seriously there anon.
Yeah, you're right ol' buddy, I guess I just saw red. Cheers.
Well fair play to you Anon for raising a few questions about an amusing but slightly simplistic image.

Perhaps Jesusland should extend up into Alberta, most of British Columbia, and even Saskatchewan (given the latter's newfound love for the Conservative Party?)
Yeah, dcred, but what about the Newfies? What about the Newfies indeed Sir?What do they stand for? Cheers, the real Anon.
Long live the Republic of Newfoundland.

Newfoundland conservativism is an altogether different beast I think ... patronage and personality seem to count for a lot in voting patterns in Atlantic Canada.

Plus they elected a range of Conservatives and Liberals ... and many have no love for the cowboy-hat wearin', bible thumpin', newfie' criticizing Western Reform-Conservatives. One of the first things Stephen Harper did as leader of the Conservatives was launch a fairly stinging criticism of Atlantic Canada.
dcred, you're not calling me a newfie' criticizing Western Reform-Conservative are you? I've never thumped a bible in my life, but I did have a cowboy hat once, it was a big blue bugger with a fancy ribbon. Had to get rid of it because people were looking at me a little strangely. I agree with you on patronage - I lived in Canada when Mulroney came in after Trudeau swearing a "new start", three months after that he had corrupt Ministers falling out of his Cabinet left right and center. Hoped for better from Chretien, but he's implicated in some of the scams now, and Martin is copping it right now. As for provincial politics.....if I had my I love newfies too, really. Cheers, the real Anon

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