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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Happenings in Korea 

Nothing like a bit of a rumble with the riot police. It's a sport in Korea.

Unionized civil servants and company workers grapple with riot police during a rally at a park in Changwon, South Kyongsang Province, Saturday. The workers were demanding the government grant public workers the right to strike and scrap revision bills concerning non-regular workers, which they claim will make their job status more unstable.
In more fun news (what riots aren't fun?!), a Disneyland is being proposed for a city kind of just south of Seoul and near where I am. Though unless it's built in the next 2 months it won't be much good to me. Just as long as they bulldoze Seoul Grand Park though I'll be happy. The rollercoaster there just about broke my neck. At 6 foot I'm not exactly a giant but I was way too tall for that dodgy thing.

I went to Paris Disneyland a month or so ago and while it was ok there just aren't enough big rides there. It's more about the Disney experience of having themed shit everywhere and there's not enough fun to be had.


Me basketball team had their first win of the season in the KBL (now 1-4). Flogged Changwon by ten points away from home, but then followed up with another loss at home to the other Seoul team. Maybe those guys fighting above just came from the game in Changwon?


Back to boring crap. Pyongyang have abandoned plans to build an economic zone near the Chinese border after they couldn't get sufficient Chinese backing. So they're gonna spend the little won they have on the Kaesong industrial complex being developed now with South Korea. It's situated 8 miles north of the Demilitarised zone.


Isn't it nice of the Americans to bring Guy Fawkes to Fallujah?

21 Iraqi policemen captured today and shot.

Leaving 50 dead and 60 injured over the weekend.
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Insurgents attacked police stations, gunned down government officials and set off bombs Sunday in central Iraq, leaving more than 50 people dead and more than 60 injured over two days in a dramatic escalation of violence as U.S. forces prepare to storm rebel-held Fallujah.
Still those fags banging each other next door who want to get hitched are still more of a concern than any of this slaughter business. After all anal sex is of greater moral concern than mass death.

Also here's a wee article on how the supposedly fantastic US technology to be used in the war hasn't come up to scratch. Rumsfeld was no doubt basing his smallish force size on this sort of information in the assumption that they were going to fight some crisp, clean war and the opposition would crumble like crumbly stuff. And as it turns out they didn't send enough troops to take effective control and everybody is paying the price. When's he going to be out of a job? Would not want to be his successor that's for sure.


And I've got a little statesticle piece on cricket allrounders which hopefully I'll find time to research and post in the next week or two. It's a simple look at the best allrounders of all time and the difference between what they averaged with the bat and ball. Imran Khan and Keith Miller are the early leaders on my ladder of allround excelllence. They are miles ahead of the likes of Hadlee, Botham and Akram.


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