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Sunday, November 28, 2004

"The Great New Zealand Discussion" forum 

This is a discussion forum that we've just started up here at blogging it real this weekend been:

The Great New Zealand Discussion

It's intended to be a place where you can discuss any issues to do with New Zealand.

There's three sections;
News, Politics and Current Affairs
Sports and Recreation
Culture and Entertainment

I think that pretty much covers the spectrum. It would be nice if people could post about NZ blogging sites, web sites, NZ music, sport, media or anything else they please.

It's not supposed to have a major connection with this site but you are free to comment on anything you read here.... there. Another thing that motivated it's creation was that we were getting sick of not being able to communicate effectively about the sorts of issues that we blog about here and the people who pop in to read our posts.

The comment feature at the bottom of posts is really inadequate as you can't post clickable links, pictures or anything else interesting. Also after a couple of days that blog is usually so far down the page that it makes discussion basically useless and is a big disincentive to comment or discuss anything.

So if you'd go there and be one of the first to register, let your friends know as well and post about anything you want we'd really appreciate it.

And you even get ranked as native trees as you contribute more posts!!! Check out the "Rankings New Zealand Tree Names" topic in the "Board Rules OK?" part of the forum.

Cheers B.I.R. Mad Crew

Ahh, another day documenting New Zealand's demise in the cricket. Why "RIP Chewbacca"? (image on bottom RHS)
Well after the movies some book publishers got the rights to carry on the Star Wars story. And I happen to have read about 15 of them. Just sci-fi escapist crap but what the heck. Anyway, about 20 years later he gets killed, Han Solo goes a bit weird for a while but you'll all be pleased to know that he's getting over Chewies death now and he and Leia are about to get their shit back together to carry on their fight!
Home sick still. Yikes. 8 days now. Went to the throat doc for some deep throat action. Some weird spray was pumped into my mouth for about a minute then they gave me the standard massive pile of pills to take over the next couple of days.

Should be right of rain in a month or two.

At least gives me the chance to scratch up that blgo on the state of korean music that I'd been meaning to do before I leave.

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