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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Get a Sense of Humour 


This reminds me of the skit on Snoop Doggs debut album.
Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up little Snoop?
Snoop (as a child): I wanna be a muthafucken hustler, ya betta aks somebody!

Prostitution bill blamed for recall of school yearbook
13 November 2004

The decriminalisation of prostitution is partly behind Kawerau College students expressing the desire to become prostitutes, drug lords, strippers and pimps in their school yearbook, a conservative morals group says.

Kawerau College said yesterday it had recalled its year book less than 24 hours after it was issued to students, following a complaint from a parent about its contents.

The book features students' hopes about what they would like to do when they are older - including suggestions such as brothel worker, drug lord, dope dealer, dope packer, stripper, pimp, beneficiary, druggie and "living on the street".

On one page, headed "11ozs of Budd", there is a background shot of what appears to be cannabis.

Elsewhere, students are shown complaining that their class "suxs".

The Society for the Promotion of Community Standards said today in a statement the Prostitution Reform Bill, which was passed earlier this year and decriminalised prostitution, created a climate in which students viewed prostitution, pimping and stripping as attractive and viable forms of legal work.

The yearbook probably represented the values of many young people, it said.

"Society must recognise that such values do not emerge from a vacuum. The glamorisation of drug-taking, sexual promiscuity, crime and sexual deviancy, in all forms of the media, has taken its toll on our children and young people," the statement said.

It said MPs and censors needed to be more responsible in their decisions.

The recalled book also contained pictures of bulldogs, a well-known symbol of the Mongrel Mob, and has photos of students doing gang-related gestures.

The college's principal Steve Hocking said the book was put together by students under the supervision of a junior teacher.

Someone at a senior management level was supposed to look at it before it was printed, but that was not done.

Mr Hocking said he accepted he was ultimately responsible but intended to speak to the junior teacher.

The students involved in producing the book had been spoken to but no further action would be taken because they had not been given clear guidelines about what was expected.

I blame teachers
Nah; it's all smokers' fault.
grumpity grump grump
Its All Sh*t..The students were just trying to have a bita fun! None of them really want to be prostitutes!! Your dilluted if you think that?!
Yeah it was prbably all true it is kawerau after all lol

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