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Saturday, November 13, 2004

English Premier League Predictions: Short Version 

I was going to lay down an in-depth preview of the weekend's matches, but a combination of a hangover and a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to be so incredibly wrong with my score predictions means that instead, I'm merely going to give a list of who I think will will and the score. This way, if I really suck at it (and I'm truly of the opinion that you should do these things publicly, so that the embarrassment is all the more sweeter), I can limit myself to a Premiership review, where I will be more likely to get the scores right.

Anyway, home teams first:

Tottenham 0 Arsenal 3
Southampton 1 Portsmouth 1

Liverpool 2 Crystal Palace 1
Bolton 1 Aston Villa 1
Fulham 0 Chelsea 2
Man City 2 Blackburn 0
Charlton 3 Norwich 2

Birmingham 0 Everton 0

West Brom 1 Middlesbrough 2

Newcastle 2 Manchester United 2

Now, let's see just how badly I do.

Tottenham 0 Arsenal 2
Southampton 1 Portsmouth 1
Liverpool 2 Crystal Palace 0
Bolton 1 Aston Villa 1
Fulham 0 Chelsea 2
Man City 1 Blackburn 0
Charlton 2 Norwich 2
Birmingham 1 Everton 1
West Brom 1 Middlesbrough 1
Newcastle 1 Manchester United 4

If Newcastle defend like they have been lately Manure will get 6.
Results so far:

Tottenham 4 Arsenal 5 (what the? TH scored half as many goals as they have scored in all of their first 12 games today)

Southampton 2 Portsmouth 1

Liverpool 3 Crystal Palace 2 (a game we should have won much more easily than we did)

Bolton 1 Aston Villa 2 (I was 1 minute from being exactly right. Villa suck)

Fulham 1 Chelsea 4 (I hate Chelsea)

Man City 1 Blackburn 1

Charlton 4 Norwich 0

4 out of 7 so far. Over 50% and I'll be happy.
Birmingham 0 Everton 1

Exactly 50% now.
Final two games:

Newcastle 1 Manchester United 3

West Brom 1 Middlesbrough 2

(my first correct score!)

Final tally:

5 out of 10

Although, to my credit, no team lost that I predicted to win.

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