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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

dc_red's presidential election post I 

This post will be regularly updated, at least as soon as I can get away from work, get home, and dial up (yes, dial up).

A hurried check of the NY Time's webpage reveals that with about 30,000 votes counted (all from Indiana and Kentucky) Bush leads with 17,000 vs 13,000 for Kerry. Nader is tailing with 92 votes. Is it too soon to start cursing the voters of Indiana and Kentucky for potentially saddling us (ie. the world) with Bush for another 4 years? I think not.

Which way do those hick states usually vote though?
Check out the NY Times election-graphics, it shows which states are typically Bush, Kerry or swing states. Go Nader.
Who should be most happy at this stage?

The CNN commentators aren't saying jack shit of any value to my ears.

Kerry has more electorate votes 77-66 but Bush has 55% of the total vote.

And now we have to swing across all those flucking red states.
You can't tell a frigging thing at the moment.
Go to this document, and see the Guardian's assessment of what was going to happen before it started:,13918,1341533,00.html

All states called so far have gone to plan, and there's NO info from the states that matter. It's the Jewish pensioner in Florida, or the angry young man in Ohio who decides this.

The counts in the meantime are just an appetiser (and of course the real thing gets decided in the court-tooms later) In the meantime the most interesting / alarming storeis coming out are about the quesues and people applying for extensions to opening hours etc. And these are the people who try to teach the world democracy....
It's a fucking debacle.

Whoever heard of queues to vote apart from in countries like Mozambique?

In NZ the waiting time where I go to vote is approximately 0 seconds and this in a country where the vast majority of eligible voters actually vote.

But will they sort their shit out in the next 50 years?
I doubt it.
Actually when i think about it, in korea last year my wife voted at the national elections and there was no waiting time at all and this in a country of 48 million in an area roughly the size of NZ's south island.

Despite all the rhetoric, nobody there really wants to "rock the vote" or any other BS.
I actually worked in a returning office one election (Miramar, 1987), and people were getting up in arms about a 2 minute delay at Opening time!!

the White House
Latest returns:

2,304,757 43%
Won: 9 77
Leads in: 2 24
3,078,132 57%
Won: 7 66
Leads in: 6 103

39,796 1%

If that plays out as predicted then it's
Bush 169
Kerry 101
On my way home to the TV, the bourbon & coke, and whatever else I need to get me through the night. I've never waited more than about 30 seconds to vote. The NY Times is a bit worrying ... there are lots of states where Bush is miles ahead, and in the ones where Kerry is strong he has 50.6% of the vote compared to 49.4% etc.
Look at this :
"0200 GMT: Almost half of Florida's polling stations are still open and in a legal dispute Republicans are trying to delay counting of half a million absentee ballots until Thursday something that would mean certainly no result on Tuesday night."

Does it take them 48 hours to rig it?
It appears as though it's going to be close and reagrdless of whether Kerry wins or not, Bush will 'win'.

See where I'm going?

ALL the voting irregularities, polling drives, bans on voters, intimidation etc is in one direction.

"What the land of the free?! Whoever told you that is your enemy"
Well I've got to go to work for the next 6 hours so I'll leave you guys to it to bring everybody the bad news.
What's with the difference between exit polls and actual counts?

I guess I won't be visiting America anytime in the next 4 years....
Yeah, the fuckers will photograph and fingerprint you like a criminal, just for the privilege of sitting in their incredibly crappy airport lounges. I must say that Brisbane airport is great ... lounge-style chairs and couches, cheap internet, natural light, lots of plants, plenty of space, things to see and do.
dc_red: why not join one of their crappy airlines' air miles plans - that way you get to pay to sit in equally crappy lounges, but with a superior class of passenger. Choose one that's not about to go belly up................hmm, that limits the choice eh?

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