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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Boycott CD and DVD Store 

What a dork.

How can anybody who has no doubt sold numerous violent and explicit DVDs and similar CDs to Eminem's latest be suddenly pulling out some bullshit moral stance now
A national music retailer is refusing to promote the new album from American rap singer Eminem because of its explicit lyrics.

The CD and DVD Store is not displaying the album Encore, and will only give it to customers who request it.

It is also donating $6 to Women's Refuge and a suicide prevention charity from each sale.

The retailer's managing director, Roger Harper, says he made the decision after hearing the lyrics, which he describes as violent and pornographic.

He says a "clean" version of Eminem's album will be available on Thursday.

The rapper, also known as Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady, is reknowned for his controversial lyrics, which have helped him become one of the biggest names in music.
Actually after thinking about it more I'm sure it's simply a marketing ploy. Not only does he get free publicity but he also gets the odd moral twat (who he probably thinks there are a lot of in the world right now, but no it's only America, dork) going into his store. And the added bonus of people out there who want to buy the album and donate 6 bucks to a couple of worthy causes. I'd recommend buying the album from some place else and sending them a cheque.

And now I'd like to reprint in full the lyrics to Snoop Doggs "Ain't no fun (if the homies can't have none)" (released in the mid 90s, just to show how music really hasn't got any 'worse' or more graphic in the last few years) which is no doubt available at all good CD and DVD Stores near you...

(feat. Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Warren G)

You're back now at the jack-off hour this is DJ, Eazy Dick
On W-Balls, right now, somethin new, by Snoop Doggy Dogg
And this one goes out to the ladies, from all the guys
A big bow wow wow, cuz we gonna make it a little mystery
here tonight, this is DJ Eazy Dick, on the station that
slaps you across your fat ass, with a fat dick

[Verse One: Nate Dogg]

When I met you last night baby
Before you opened up your gap
I had respect for ya lady
But now I take it all back
Cause you gave me all your pussy
And ya even licked my balls
Leave your number on the cabinet
And I promise baby, I'll give ya a call
Next time I'm feelin kinda horny
You can come on over, and I'll break you off
And if you can't fuck, that day, baby
Just lay back, and open your mouth
Cause I have never
met a girl
That I love
in the whole wide world

[Verse Two: Kurupt]

Well, if Kurupt gave a fuck about a bitch I'd always be broke
I'd never have no motherfuckin indo to smoke
I gets loced and looney, bitch you can't Do Me
Do we like BBD, you hoochie groupie?
I have no love for hoes
That's somethin I learned in the pound
so how the fuck am I supposed
to pay this hoe, just to lay this hoe
I know the pussy's mines, I'ma fuck a couple more times
And then I'm through with it, there's nothing else to do with it
Pass it to the homie, now you hit it
Cause she ain't nuthin but a bitch to me
And y'all know, that bitches ain't shit to me
i gives a fuck, why don't y'all pay attention
Approach it with a different proposition, I'm Kurupt
Hoe you'll never be my only one, trick ass beeeitch!

[Chorus: (repeat 4X)]

It ain't no fun, if the homies can't have none

[Verse Three: Snoop Doggy Dogg]

Guess who back in the motherfuckin house
With a fat dick for your motherfuckin mouth
Hoes recognize, niggaz do too
Cuz when bitches get skanless and pull a voodoo
What you gon do? You really don't know
So I'd advise you not to trust that hoe
Silly of me to fall in love with a bitch
Knowin damn well, I'm too caught up with my grip
Now as the sun rotates and my game grows bigger
How many bitches wanna fuck this nigga named Snoop
Doggy, I'm all the above
I'm too swift on my toes to get caught up with you hoes
But see, it ain't no fun, if my homies can't get a taste of it
Cause you know I don't love em

[Verse Four: Warren G]

Hey, now ya know, inhale, exhale with my flow
One for the money, two for the btiches
Three to get ready, and four to hit the switches
In my Chevy, six-fo' Rad to be exact
With bitches on my side, and bitches on back
So back up bitch cuz i'm strugglin, so get
off your knees and then start jugglin
these motherfuckin nuts in your mouth
It's me, Warren G the nigga with the clout



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