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Friday, November 12, 2004

Bad cops, bad cops, whatchya gonna do? 

Ahh, from the land of tall poppies in need of trimming, speed cameras every 500m, and crafy cops sitting on the sides of motorways everywhere, comes this wonderful news ... no fewer than five of the buggers in blue face prosecution for allegedly exceeding the speed limit in the Waimate-Christchurch motorcade. How long was that journey? Well, don't ask the New Zealand Herald (see below).

This really is a bit ridiculous ... do you think anyone watches the speedometer when the George Bushs, Tony Blairs, and John Howards of the world are in motorcades? Or, perhaps, are all the lights turned to green while they speed through towns, fields and suburbs alike in order to get wherever it is they're going?

I have a feeling this might be another "paintergate" in the making. What a sad little country we can be.

Six charged over PM's high-speed motorcade


Five police officers and a civilian have been charged with traffic offences following Prime Minister Helen Clark's high-speed trip from Waimate to Christchurch in July.

The 195km trip reportedly took 80 minutes.

Six people involved in the motorcade have been charged with driving in a dangerous manner.

Police Inspector Dave Cliff, of Dunedin, completed the report last month and sent it to the police commissioner's office in Wellington.

The inquiry was ordered in July this year after a member of the public claimed Prime Minister Helen Clark's police-led motorcade reached speeds of up to 140km/h during its 207km trip from Waimate to Christchurch.

Speaking of idiotic prosecutions:

Presumably had the farmer taken the cow to the meat works they would not have been prosecuted?
Ha that's funny bennyasena.

I remember on our farm out in west auck a hot air balloon scared the crap out of or stock as is ripped through a fence and basically dragged it's self through a paddock before lifting off again and clearing the ridge.

Then another time they landed in our bottom paddock and thought they could bring their 4 wheel drive in to collect the basket. but alas, we have no track down to it so they had to haul the thing up a hill that exhausts you just when you walk it.

Weird deal when they can just land wherever the fuck they like without asking permission. Not that we gave a shit.

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