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Friday, October 29, 2004

What really happened after the Arsenal v Man U game 

This from the 'reliable anonymous email doing the rounds source' that we all know and love.

Reliable source, Fabregas threw the food. Horseface went into Arsenal dressing room after the game going mad winding up Arsenal players after last year. Wenger called him a F****** Cheat and told him to get out. Horseface went for Wenger, Edu stepped in and hit him, security guards piled in going mad. The kitman was hit by the guards and got a broken nose. He wants to pursue assault charge but Arsenal don't want him to. Ferguson then came in and started as well, ranting at the Arsenal players. They told him to f*** off, he grabbed Fabregas who responded in kind. Manure dont want any comebacks as Horseface started it and their stewards were out of order.

Ferguson also knows he should not have gone in to the Arsenal changing room.

If Manure complain the kitman will pursue his claim. The police know what happened. Difficult one for the FA.


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