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Friday, October 01, 2004

sugar coated lies 

Just a quick blog as I've just got some juicy breaking news; apparently the lead story in this week's NBR about Hubbard's diabetic breakfast cereal is 'half bullshit'.

Hubbard's false label angers Diabetes NZ

"Hubbard's Foods' sugary cereal cocktail, branded "Thank Goodness," claims to be wheat-free, gluten-free and "suitable for a diabetic diet"... but really it has four times the amount of sugar recommended for a diabetic the story begins.

An associate of mine who is in contact with Diabetes New Zealand says the organisation is furious and that the NBR "have totally fabricated half the stuff" in the story.

Apparently NBR reporter Jock Anderson was also quoted Diabetes officials who only spoke to him on the proviso that it was "off the record" - way to go to honour a contact.

Not like the NBR not to rigorously check its facts though, ey Diane!

Will blog again as I hear more...

Just read the NBR's editorial this week too. Editor Nevile Gibson has a crack at the NZ Herald's covering of his paper's "hatchet job" on Auckland mayoral candidate Dick Hubbard and condemns one of the Herald's articles for having "contained a string of errors, including the misspelling of publisher Barry Colman’s name".

That's a bit rich isn't it "Diane".... check out the rambling at
Suggestion for NBR's new slogan: "The truth is out there, we just don't think it is relevant"

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