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Friday, October 08, 2004

Slow news day 

Can't find the energy to post anything meaningful so this'll do.

The local basketball teams cheerleaders...

You can see why I'll be going to the odd game.

Seems like a good a chance as any to feign interest in the game. When are we going?
The first friday or saturday night home game.

And the second, third, fourth.....

I think the season has a warm up comp starting in about 10 days, but the regular season may be a few weeks from now.

Beer, plus warm gym, plus hot cheerleaders equals a good start to any friday or saturday night IMO.
That's good, but what's with the surgical glove bit with the last artist?

Goodd to see leg-warmers making a return. As a Westie, you'd have to appreciate them Yamis?
that's it, I'm moving to korea. brilliant.

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