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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ripped Off in NZ Part V 

In the latest of our long-running series, the cost of living in New Zealand, I am pleased to report an all new record in the "over-priced consumer good" section. Yes, the $40 plain t-shirt is left in the dust by the $1099 vacuum cleaner, currently on sale (yes, on sale!) at Harvey Norman. That's, oh, about 1/30th of the annual full-time pre tax salary in New Zealand, and all it does is suck. You still have to steer the fucker, and get it out of the hallway closet every second Saturday.

Another interesting one is the Toyota Cavalier - really a Chevrolet Cavalier, but badged as a Toyota in New Zealand. It's about $11500 in Canada including taxes, brand new, off the lot. I saw a used one here, about 7 years old, with 80,000 on the clock for a bargain-basement $14999.

Lucky teachers just got that 12% pay increase eh, Yamis, or else you'd be walking to work.

No worries, I'm just going to ride the vacuum cleaner to work.

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