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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Press release of the week 

Last week when the Herald on Sunday released its "circulation" figures following its first edition its competitor Fairfax responded by disputing those circulation figures, one week later,the folly is continuing:

Herald on Sunday continues to grow circulation

Wednesday, 13 October 2004, 10:41 amPress Release:

The New Zealand Herald

Herald on Sunday continues to grow circulation

Circulation of the new Herald on Sunday has exceeded 115,000 for each of its first two issues.

Herald on Sunday publisher Rick Neville said more than 60,000 New Zealand Herald subscribers had taken up the offer to have the Sunday newspaper delivered to their homes.

Retail sales had exceeded 55,000 for the debut edition on October 3 and again on October 10, the Sunday just gone.

Last week, the Herald on Sunday announced that circulation for the first edition was in excess of 110,000. Mr Neville said this figure had increased with final counting of retail sales.

“We’re very pleased with the take-up of the Herald on Sunday. Reader feedback has been highly positive, and the large circulation will give advertisers a strong readership base.”


I guess Fairfax's gripe is because it distinguishes between "sales" and copies given away free of charge - which account for about 50,000 odd of the Herald on Sunday's circulation.

But speaking of unsubstantiated claims I've heard two remarkably similar rumours from two different journalists, working in separate news rooms - both involving the Herald on Sunday's editor Sue Chetwin and the paraplegic toilets at the paper's celebration launch ball....

Probably just media bullshit though I'd say.

The official verdict on the new paper from the flat that I live in, or from the girls in my flat anyway, is that the Herald on Sunday's horoscopes are crap in comparison to the Sunday Star Times...different folks different strokes.

Is this the function / outfit you're referring to?,
Nope these rumour's originated at the Herald on Sunday's launch ball two Saturday's ago.
Who else, allegedly, may possibly be involved in these rumours?

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