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Sunday, October 10, 2004

It's a Great Day. 

Banks is gone! Now perhaps Auckland City can get some REAL leadership instead of the complete embarassment known as John 'did nothing but talk shit about stuff I never did' Banks.

Also this movie looks like it might be a laugh.

Team America: World Police is the name. I wonder what Koreans will make of Kim Jong-il's staring performance. I believe it's his acting debut. There was a bit of an outcry here over the Lee Tamahori directed Bond film after the way he painted the North Koreans. But they are a bit overly touchy about some things and I couldn't see a hell of a lot wrong with it.

Hopefully the makers of Team America really took the piss, and since it's from the makers of South Park then it's a fair bet it will be.

And to finish up I'll just rip something from The Onion
Study: Good Porn Still Hard To Find
BOSTON—According to a report released by the Institute for Advanced Media Studies, good porn remains hard to find. "Though it's true that there is 350 percent more pornographic material on the market than there was five years ago, quality porn is as difficult to find as ever," Dr. Jeffrey Conchlin said. "Sometimes, you can find a DVD with hot chicks who seem to be enjoying themselves, but usually, they've got big fake tits, the sex is either boring or way too gross, and the setting is totally depressing. This trend is discouraging." Dr. Conchlin added that porn filmmakers are at least a decade away from seamlessly combining good storytelling with hot DP.
Tell me about it. The hotel we were at in Daejeon had an abysmal collection. They did have an interesting sex toy vending machine on the 7th floor though. Still not sure what 5 of the 6 items were despite staring for quite some time. Rubber cookie cutters?

Idalia Photography Sex, Porn, Pornography

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