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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Freddie Fittler, and Sinclair v McMillan 

Saw this on and thought it worth pointing out...
Whatever time Fittler has, he allocates to his family and street kids. He regularly asks for an allocation of 20 tickets to Aussie Stadium. When Roosters officials look to see who occupies the seats, they find homeless youths.

"Fair dinkum, Freddie goes down and finds them in the street and takes them home to his city apartment for breakfast," Fittler's manager, Wayne Beavis says. "He's a freak, on and off the field."
Well good on ya Freddie. Nice to see while the Bulldogs are lying in bushes after having shagged themselves silly in an all night orgy you are out collecting them all up and letting them come and watch the Roosters games on Sunday avo.

Seriously though, it's always nice to see that kind of individual.

But I still hate the Roosters sorry.

Will promise to hate the Bulldogs just as much as the Roosters next year though.


I see in the listener that Joseph Romanos is saying that McMillan should have been dropped from the test team but that Marshall shouldn't have been the replacement.... Sinclair should have been. He goes on to mention Sinclair's test batting average being 38.5.

Well I guess he never saw our little expose on NZs top batters a while back. Sinclair gets a special mention and deservedly so.

Here are Sinclair's test scores in order divided up between scores of over 50....









I'm sorry, but for me there are way too many piles of shit in there.

He is so clearly one of those batsmen who bats brilliantly once he gets his eye in and a bit of confidence but he has always been such an awful starter.

And at test level there isn't much room for such players. At least McMillan has scored consistently solidly by comparison to most batsmen in NZ test history. The guy has diabetes and is known to run out of steam after a certain period of time which doesn't help, but he has an excellent test average and comparing him to other NZers all time he is right up there, averaging 40.7.

His one day record is appalling though and he should have been dropped from them a long time ago. How can somebody wrack up 154 one day internationals and average a paltry 27.75? He's only passed 50 on 24 occasions in 144 at bats (to use a baseball term teehee). His bowling has been usefulish with 37 wickets but it's runs we needed from you sonny!

In the 2003/4 season and then the 2004 English season McMillan played 8 tests and had an average of 42.7. However in his last 10 innings since an unbeaten century v India (in India I might add) he has averaged just 21.11. Pretty poor but hardly a complete disaster, and a fairly marginal dropping it must have been.

Romanos used Sinclair's big double century v South Africa to back his argument but lets look at his other tour scores...

3 in the tour opener against some useless team who we slaughtered with his score being our worst.
115 v South Africa A - top score that!
35 v South Africa A - slow second innings dig
28 v South Africa A
14 v South Africa A
268 v South Africa A - Awesome score but when 4 of our top 6 and 6 of their top 7 pass 40 it suggests it was a nice batting track. Both teams batted 'once' and weren't dismissed as the game crawled to a batting stalemate.
12 v a high school old boys team in the one day tour opener where he was the lowest scorer of the seven batsmen needed to flog the pants off the opposition bowlers.
2 v South Africa A in the first match of the one-dayers.
5 v South Africa A here we begin to see a common theme from Sinclair's career.
19 v South Africa A in the final tour match.

So even WITH a score of TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT he only averaged 50 from all tour games!

I rest my case your honour and am now going to finish watching The Empire Strikes Back from the newly released dvd set of the original trilogy. KKKKOOOO KKKEEEEUUUU LUKE! I AM YOUR FATHER! AND NOW..... YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!!!

I reckon Vader should have followed up his slayings with a hearty 'MUHAHAHA'.

In hindsight I'd say the Rooster's are probably regretting having brought in Sione Faumuina for ball skills practice during the week huh? Way to go to see off your legend captain - and my hundred bucks - butter fingerers.
My prediction is that Sinclair is likely to make the ODI tour to Bangladesh now that Fleming won't be there.....

Remember where you heard it first.
I am incredibly perplexed.
We're just exchanging views and opinions about the greatest, analytical, ceribal, yet most beautiful sport ever invented.
Update : Papps is out of the Bangladesh tour; replacement expected to be announced very soon.

My tip; it WON'T be Macca; probably Sinclair, but there may be a bolter.

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