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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Digitised Sharks 

I'm about to watch Deep Blue Sea 2 (I think it's called) on video after just finishing up with The Insider. I really liked The Insider, though it's just as well my wife is off with friends for the night as she probably would have hated it. She's more into horror movies and gets a kick out of seeing me hide behind my eyes, under the blankets or under her skirt (haha the jokes on her cos that's not the real reason why I'm hiding under her skirt) whenever I get scared.

To cut to the chase I've been drinking on my own in the belief that I would soon be tired and fall asleep, but that hasn't happened and I've now been going for four and half hours judging by my approximate start time and the computer clock which now reads 12:33. But to continue to cut to the chase I can't remember why the hell I sat down on the computer chair and decided to blog. I think I had 37 good ideas to blog about but forgot them all.

Doesn't really matter since only about 15-30 people visit the site a day (except when kind Mr. Brown links to us when things go a bit crazy for a while) so I could write about how Korean kids are severely lacking in knowledge of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour regarding foreigners they have never met before.

For example, hitting them, calling them an idiot or shouting at them to get their attention, or worst of all, shouting "fuck you" from across the street. Not what you would consider particularly normal behaviour one would expect from a 9-15 year old. It's just as well that there are darlings in every class that make up for the naughty wee shites.

I'm going to take the positives though and when I have children (soon indeed) my patience and tolerance will be superhuman to say the least.

What the hell was I going to blog about?!

I really can't remember.

I wonder what sweatepz and bluebeardnz are doing at the moment in Hongdae? The former can write something about it in their infinite free time. That's a threat not a promise. Or is that an instruction, and not a threat? Or could it be a demand instead of a threat or an instruction? or a request instead of a demand, threat or instruction? Dunno. Tick 'e' for none of the above/below.


I'm picking Kerry to win the election by a small but significant margin based on a strong hunch that at the last second enough Americans will see the light and do the right thing. Although as we all know the difference between a Democrat and Republican is typically not that great in this day and age. However in saying that I think Bush and his cohorts have widened the gap in the last few years to a point where there is a gap between the two of them wide enough to almost see through. So I just contradicted myself though no thanks to the Democrats, rather the Republicans have become such enormous idiots that the Democrats can no longer keep up.

Ah fuck it. I'm off to watch my shark video.

ARRRGGGHHH that reminds me of what I was going to say!

I went to the video staore and found that it is closing down so they are selling the videos rather than renting them out. Unfortunately I'm leaving Korea 'for good' in the next few months so there's no point in buying many as they won't play in NZ due to the different machine format. I could have damn well bought the entire store as the most expensive videos were selling for $3.50 NZ while most were going for $1.35 NZ.

Damn stupid dumb heinous technology.

Hey I got to use 'heinous'.

What an awful, awful movie. As if it wasn't bad enough that it set in Cape Town but everybody had American accents (I thought the idiots in Hollwood only did that when the locals spoke a different language altogether).

And what's more, despite being set in Cape Town (well plenty of scenes/shots anyway), they still managed to call the Springboks the South African soccer team.

Fucken noblickers. I spent at least half the time fast forwarding to where people were eaten by sharks and even that was boring. My favourite scene though was when they had an aerial shot about 3 metres above the water of the main shark and it was clearly made of tin and no more than 150cm's long.

I'm now pondering what to do with the video since I own it. Merely putting it in the rubbish might be too good for it.
" I think I had 37 good ideas to blog about but forgot them all."
Perhaps McMillan doing his job 37 times ?
BTW videos with dual functionality,(NTSC & PAL playback)have been around for years so buy that shop up
Ah Fuck.

Didn't realise that. I have the technological knowledge of a caveman at times.

I expect the place has been gutted by now but I'll go check it out later.


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