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Sunday, October 31, 2004


OK, went to see the local basketball team today with half the members of this site. They managed to throw away an 8 point lead with 2:57 left on the clock and with two free throw shots which would have iced the game. The opposition Seoul scum sank 8 unanswered points, put it into overtime where they sank 9 more unanswered points and held on to win.

Nice going CHOKERS.

Anyway, stars of the show were the guy in this gimp suit (if you wear a gimp suit does that make you a gimp, or just a guy in a gimp suit?).

and these ladies

Which one gave Dom the T-Shirt?

I'm sure it was the short-sighted one.
That cheerleader's a bit "flat" isn't she?
I dunno, she looks chirpy enough to me.

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