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Friday, September 17, 2004

Who would have thought? 

Bennyasena's press release of the week:

Community Choice Awards

Active lifestyles and eco-spirit sought by Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is on a mission. It wants to hear about people who are making a difference in their community – either through promoting active lifestyles in young people or through environmental projects.

The first ever Coca-Cola Community Choice Awards will reward and recognise those who are inspiring others to make a positive difference in these two areas. All nominations will come from the public.

“With today’s launch of the inaugural community choice awards we hope to engage community spirited people across the nation. We want to hear about the people throughout New Zealand who are doing their bit to help our environment or are helping to get young people active,” says Alison Sykora, Region Corporate Affairs Manager.

Each of the 10 finalists (five from each section) will receive $500 worth of their choice of Coca-Cola product. Each category winner will receive a $2000 grant for their organisation or project and a trip to Auckland to spend the day with Robert Swan OBE*.

Polar explorer Robert Swan will be in New Zealand as part of a trans-Tasman tour to promote the environment and active lifestyles in co-operation with Coca-Cola.

“My experiences have taught me that individuals can choose to make a difference and I’m pleased to be able to recognise New Zealanders who have done this through the Coca-Cola Community Choice Awards,” said Robert Swan.

Entering is easy and the public can enter themselves and their organisations or other people in their community. All readers have to do is fill out the nomination form on the Coca-Cola website and send it back (either by email or by print the form and post it to Coca-Cola Community Choice Awards, PO Box 62042, Mt Wellington, Auckland). Or call 0800 505 123 and ask for a nomination form to be posted to you.

Coca-Cola is calling for entries now. Nominations close on Tuesday, 5 October 2004. Winners will be announced in mid-October.

as my father mentioned yesterday.

All the fat people he knows (and our massive American relatives are included, as to is my Canadian roommate for a year who was in the region of 130 kgs and female to boot) have something in common.

They all drink copious amount of coca cola. 10 cans a day in the instance of my old roommate.

It's good to see though that coke are so concerned about peoples health. Next thing we know they will remove all their products from shelves across the globe and dissolve the company!!!!
Have a nice wedding, Yamis. And all the best for your honeymoon ... my regards to the people of that country and their general disdain for GWB. Lay off the cola. Cheers, dc_red.
Yamis said : "who was in the region of 130 kgs and female to boot"

Why do I feel ill?

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