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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Too little, too late 

The Guardian reports that 'Outraged Kerry takes the gloves off at last after Republican jibes' , with the candidate making the point that should have been made loudly, frequently, and vehemently over the last 3 weeks:

"I'm not going to have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve when they could have, and by those who misled the nation into Iraq."

Indeed, but unfortunately it's too late, and the mud has stuck to Kerry's trump card (to mix a metaphor). I've read frequently that the Democrats and allied groups have done rather well in the fundraising stakes, so where the hell are the inflammatory ads exposing George and Dick as the chicken hawks they really area?

I think Kerry's lost it (the election that is, if not the plot).


That's it!!! I'm getting the hell out of America. Well, at least I'm going to stop teaching American english in Korea.
Is it true that Kerry voted in favour of invading Iraq, or is that just another smear?
Kerry did vote in favour of the most recent invasion, although not the first one under GHWB. Which seems a bit backwards.
Hmm, hence the spontaneous waving of flip-flops at this concert...

Has there ever been a bigger deficit of talent and integrity running for the most powerful job in the world?

(And yes, I am aware there's some stiff competiton for this award)
Howard v. Latham arguably leaves a bit to be desired. At least in New Zealand we have a decent range of choices, and both National and Labour have usually chosen leaders who at the very least are interesting.
At least you know where Latham stands though. I do wish he'd get rid of the 80s no-sideburns look though

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