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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Taxing it real 

There's been some interesting debate on Just Left about whether the current budget surplus leaves room for tax cuts, and if so, what form they should take. I chimed in with the suggestion that the first tax to be cut should be GST. This relates to some of the earlier musings from Yamis and myself that the cost of living in New Zealand is exorbitant by international standards. With relatively few exceptions, everyday consumer goods from razor blades to spinach and wide-screen TVs appear inflated here (feel free to ignore the right-wing drivel in the second part of the razor blade article). Anyway, my concerns about the steeply regressive nature of GST - and the problem it therefore poses for the Left - went largely unanswered. Perhaps we can have a debate here instead.

In other news, well, it looks like Kerry is toast. It's hard to find the words to express the world's disappointment really. I guess we'll be relying on the North Koreans, rather than the North Dakotans, to stand up to this imbecile and his posturing. I guess the biggest mistake Saddam made was not producing some WMDs to deter the great crusader. One worry is that once the fucker is back in power (GWB, that is, not SH) he won't have to worry about being re-elected, and can really pursue the neo-con plans for world domination ... sorry, full-spectrum doctrine. Under these conditions, you might as well start drinking.

Don't write off Kerry just yet. I still firmly believe there are enough Americans smart enough to cut through the typical political spin bullshit and actually take stock about what this election means.

There will be no attack in the US before the election because Osama Bin Laden would prefer to have Bush get re-elected; it's that simple. Bush is a superb recruitment tool. If there IS an attack, it's because Bin Laden would expect the country to rally around the it stands, with Bush leading, Bin Laden would probably prefer to lay his cowardly ass low and come back after the election, whatever the outcome.

Which means Kerry has to fight on domestic issues and the war in Iraq. And if he can't win against Bush's track record, then he doesn't deserve to be President anyway.
you've got that right!!!

You would have thought a retarded bi-sexual gimp would have been able to knock Bush off this time round, but no, we get stuck with bloody Kerry who has crumbled under the weight of the very predictable Republican/contemporary right wing tactics of lies, damned lies and statistical lies.

Do the Democrats not have enough millions of dollars and brains to have developed tactics in the prvious 4 years to deal with this shit?!

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